7 Up And Coming Bangalore Bands

Bands have been an integral part of Bangalore’s college fests, with some extraordinary talent in their ranks. From ‘Thermal and a Quarter’ to ‘Raghu Dixit Project’, the city has had several names that have done it proud.

NearFox has put together a list of the most epic bands from Bangalore, and you’ve to totally check them out!

Space Behind The Yellow Room

This progressive rock band has been in the scene since 2012, and it has been killing it since then. Their vocals and riffs are mind blowing and “Teach Him To Dance” is our all-time favorite.

Members: Shoumik Biswas (Drums/Vocals/Samples), Devasheesh Sharma (Guitar/Ambience), Nihar Apte (Guitar/Awkwardness), Eshaan Sood (Bass)

Clown With A Frown

Redefining dance music since 2011, this pop funk band has a big fan base in the city with their revolutionised 70s tunes. Their upbeat music can have you spending more time on the dance floor than you’d rather.

Members: Keerthana Sudarshan (Vocals), Jonathan Reuben (Guitar), Aashish Paul (Bass), Pradyun Manoj (Keyboard), Pramod Pratap (Drums), Nikhil Nagaraj (Sound Engineer)

Stuck In November

This pop rock band has been in the scene for about four years now. Their debut album, “The Sky Is Watching” was liked by everyone and they continue to impress their audiences.

Members: Nihal Anand (Guitars), Nihaal Joseph(Bass),Mayur Nanda (Drums)


Started off in 2014, this comparatively new contemporary rock band already has a lot of followers. They are very popular in various colleges and have been featured as a band to look out for in a lot of places. They define themselves as a happy rock band whose mission is to make people smile with their peppy songs.

Members: Anto Philip, Vyshak Varma, Ajay George Joseph, Sidharth Bharadwaj, Nikhil Abraham, Prashanth Gnanmuthu, Ritwik Bhattacharya

TAP- The Acoustic Project

The Acoustic Project was started by a group of students from St. Joseph’s and went on bring some new age Acapella music in town. They do a mix of Acapella and Acoustic and are a favorite at various colleges.

Members: Pilith Pericho (Treble), Tony Joy (Treble), Adrian Jeffery (Treble / Keys), Jonathan Jonty (Bass/ Guitar),
Peter Alvin Brando (Beatbox)

Among The Signs

This progressive metalcore/ deathcore band has mainly focused its lyrical content on the faith for Christianity and environmental degress. Their bass riffs are splendid and the vocals leave you with goosebumps in the end.

Members: Stanley David (Vocals), Glen Mc’enroe (Guitars), Abhishek KV (Guitars), Karthik Hari (Bass),
Riza Ficker (Drums)

Five-Legged Funk Machine

This pop funk band is as quirky as their name and are very popular among youngsters. This charming band is a mix of old school music with pop. Our favorite song is Monkey Do.

Members: Jesley Antony (Vocalist), Milind Yohann (Lead Guitarist), Yudh Vir Saund (Rhythm Guitarist), Preran Pramod (Drummer/Backing Vocals), Prashanth Gnanamuthu (Bassist/Backing Vocals)

So, check them all out because they’re upping the music quotient of the city, and how!

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