Guys, It’s Time To Make A Dash For Bangalore Pub Crawl

Traffic crawls in Bangalore, and so does this group…it’s just that their crawls are the ones you want to be in! Were talking about Bangalore Pub Crawl, which was started about two months ago by a group of IITians who felt partying in the city had become uni-dimensional and monotonous.

Looking for an alternative, they started Bangalore Pub Crawl to meet new people and make new friends and acquaintances. Since we at NearFox are all for making new friends, we just couldn’t pass up the chance to know more about them.

Being Social

Bangalore Pub Crawl is all about being social. And that is why they limit their crawls to groups of 20 to 40 people, so you can meet people easily and have some dialogue happening. Therere plenty of icebreakers and games designed to encourage conversation and friendly banter, with the most social person getting a free drink at the end of the night! Go on, get your social butterfly on.

In Booze We Trust

For a social exercise like this, you need a social lubricant, so alcohol plays a very important part. Each member gets a complimentary drink or shot at each pub. Of course, you are free to buy as much booze as you can handle. They visit three pubs a night around Indiranagar or ChurchStreet for a boozy and, hopefully, not a blurry nightout.

Dont Worry, Beer Happy

Weve all read one too many stories about drunk creeps, which is a big concern, especially if youre going to be drinking with people you dont know. The Bangalore Pub Crawl takes their attendees very seriously. On registering, every entry is scrutinised and stalked (in a good way) to make sure they have the right crowd on their list. Stags are not allowed, and all events are strictly ladies and couples. There is a permanent guest list as well. If youre lucky enough to get on this list, you will be invited to a few special pub crawls.

Less Thinking, More Drinking

Think a good night out costs a bomb? The Bangalore Pub Crawl has got that sorted for you. Their crawls cost between Rs 600 and Rs 800, perfect for drinking even at the end of the month when youre broke.

Keeping The Fun Going

The Bangalore Pub Crawl is all about innovation and is hosting an all-girl pub crawl on 29 July, in association with Truly Madly. They are also partnering with clubs for ladies night and karaoke nights to get more people to come out and crawl with them.

To know more about the pub crawls and the events, check them out on Facebook

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