5 Bartenders from Bangalore Who’ll Blow Your Mind

Remember the Tom Cruise movie, Cocktail? What’s the coolest thing you remember about the movie, apart from the man himself? Probably the ‘aah’ and ‘ooh’ inspiring flips, juggles and swerves he did with the bottles, looking completely effortless while at it, before pouring the delicious concoctions into a sweet-ass cocktail glass and serving it right up! Well, it might look effortless, but it certainly is no easy task.

And Tom Cruise might be past his bartending days now, but our very own Bangalore has a lot of super-cool bartenders who have exactly what it takes to make your jaw drop. NearFox brings to you this list of Bangalore’s best bartenders. Read on.

Guru Prashanth, The High Ultra Lounge

While pursuing a course in Hotel Management from KLE College Bangalore, Prashanth was inspired to become a bartender, mostly because of his professor, the legendary bartender, Mr. Ramachandra Rao. Prashanth has since then, had no stops to his career, having worked at places like The High Ultra Lounge, World Trade Centre Bangalore, and The Library Bar and the Leela Palace Bangalore. Among the numerous drinks that he’s created, his specialties are the Unfinished Business, Fashion Prohibition and Gurus Love Portion.

Rohan Carvalho, Bar Square Academy of Bartending

Bitten by the bug of the glamorous life of a bartender, Rohan was always attracted to the profession. Meeting famous personalities and celebrities while working in a party atmosphere, and regularly coming up with new and innovative concoctions, Rohan’s specialties are season-based drinks, homemade concoctions, and a bevy of tricks up his sleeve! Having worked at Rain Bar and eatery and Not just Jazz by the bay in Mumbai, Rohan is the Founder and Trainer at the Bar Square Academy of Bartending in Bangalore.

Shreyas Patel, Bootlegger

While creating the menu for an F&B outlet in central Bangalore called ‘Bootlegger’, Shreyas’s fascination towards cocktails rose, which prompted him to travel all over the world to see bars and meet people to understand the cocktail world. Since then, he’s taken up bartending as his passion and profession, pleasantly surprising everyone with his deceptive concoctions like ‘undercover’, a tea-like cocktail served in a tea cup with an amaretto foam. He’s currently a partner at Bootlegger in Bangalore, and is busy working on a uniquely delightful cocktail menu, soon to surprise a lot of people!

Jayandran Anthony, Hype Lounge at Shangri-La

Beginning his profession as a server at The Oberoi in Bangalore, Jayandran, or Jay, as he likes to be called, was soon bitten by the bartending bug, as it is an art of skill and panache. The moniker ‘Liquid Chef’ might have been one hed given himself, but he certainly deserves it, having won countless cocktail competitions and wowed people with his amazingly creative crafted cocktails at places like the One & Only Royal Mirage in DUBAI, ITC Royal Gardenia, Brigade Hospitality High Ultra Lounge in Bangalore, and the Big Brewsky in Bangalore. Hes currently the Beverage Manager and Mixologist at the Hype Lounge at Shangri-La Hotel in Bangalore, where you can experience Jays magic!

Andrew Qadri, Blue Bar at The Taj West End

Andrew had always had a thing for cooking, and had actually started out wanting to be a chef. However, during his hotel management course, he found bartending to be even more entertaining, skillful and challenging, and decided to follow his passion. Since then hes worked at several places including the Blue Bar at The Taj West End, winning peoples hearts with his home-made infusions and specialties like Smoked Whisky Sour, and Vanilla Ginger Crusta! He is also well known for his incredible speed infusions, all made from fresh, non-synthetic ingredients, and is currently the Brand Ambassador for the Reserve Brands at Diageo United Spirits.

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