Quick Take

Oktoberfest fest will be an everyday thing now as Whitefield has an all new German brewery, BierGarten. With community benches, open air seating, and a craft beer garden, the 14000 sq. ft. brewery is sure bringing the country of beers to the city.

Drink Up

From regular to Amber lager, there’s something for every beer lover. Their regular lager, with its lightand malty flavor, isideal for session drinking. However, the stronger drinks like Amber lager and Dunkel lager made with darker maltswill perfectly compliment your meals. They also have a traditional German-style ale,Hefeweizen, a straw colored beer with citrus undertones that sure are refreshing.

Points For

They’ve got an open courtyard with community benches, so you can actually mingle with people over a glass of freshly brewed beer. Now, how good is that! The inside seating are has been done in shades of green with Al Fresco furniture, which really sets them apart from other breweries in the area.

Rough Edges

Whitefield is already home to Bangalore’s favorite microbreweries, The Biere Club, and Windmills Craftworks. It’ll be interesting to see how Biergarten’s German brews compete with them.

All in All

Don’t miss this place if you love mingling with new people and yes, some good German lagers.

Address:2, Rd Number 2, Doddanakundi Industrial Area 2, Seetharampalya, Hoodi

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