Food Blogger Riya Patel Minces No Words As She Slams The Fixation With ‘Likes & Followers’

Remember those days when we would spend hours to churn out one good post, after several sleepless nights of research and editing? And, after it was posted, the first comment that came in made us jump with joy. Today, none of that seems to matter. We only want likes and, if its not likes, then followers.

And lately, I find this trend getting a bit out of hand. Many PR agencies and brands take advantage of this and in turn pressure other genuine bloggers because its all become a number game now.

It’s All About The ‘Likes’

Two years into blogging and Ive seen the change so evidently. When I first started blogging, I remember the blogger community was much smaller, and we would have so much fun learning from each other. Blogger tables used to be a hit because we would interact and share our own experiences with food. Now, I’ve lost all interest in them, or maybe I don’t get called anymore (because I don’t have those many followers or likes).

And all this leaves me with the question: Do people care more about quality or quantity? To me, it seems more like the latter.

When a PR agency decides to send an invitation to a food festival, the first thing they look at is the statistics and number of followers. They never even bother to see whether those followers are their right target audience.

I believe a blogger’s prime focus should be putting out great content, along with an adequate amount of research, rather than bothering about how many people are going to see that post. If you’re proud of what you’re writing, people will automatically appreciate it too. If it catches their attention, they will come back for more.

On many occasions, when various brands have approached me to collaborate with them, I’ve told them that I’m happy to work with them but on my own terms and conditions, keeping in mind the ethics I follow. My reader comes before the client – and that will never change.

The Problem of Plenty

Most of the time, I wonder what’s so ‘cool’ about being a food blogger. Everywhere I look, I find one. Most of these bloggers with x number of followers don’t even have the knowledge. Their only sole purpose seems to get instant recognition and quick money.

So I just can’t understand what makes these PR agencies feel that these are the bloggers they’re supposed to hang on to. Yes, I do understand the numbers are important, but at the cost of quality content? Like seriously?

Call me an Aunty for saying this but I can never become a fan of micro-blogging, as I cannot say what I need to in just 10 words. And this is something I’ve noticed PR agencies fancy.Recently I got a mail from a renowned food brand to collaborate for an upcoming assignment, but they asked, completely unabashedly, about my blog statistics and social media presence. You have no idea how happy it made me feel to read that invite till, of course, I reached the ‘but’ part. And I’m sure a lot of other bloggers face this too.

It’s high time the unrelenting focus on these numbers stopped, for the reader deserves a lot better.

You can read her blog here.

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