Charukesi’s Travel Diary Is Giving Us Some Major Life Goals

We all want to travel, don’t we? Visit new places every day, meet new people, learn new things, but one thing or the other holds us back. But, Charukesi has been living hers, and all our dreams for over a decade now and quite obviously, hasn’t complained.

A travel blogger and travel writer by profession, Charukesi started her blog in 2003, when the whole concept itself was new in our country. Over the years, she has traveled to 20 Indian states, 5 continents, and 33 countries. Her travelogues have appeared in The New York Times, Time, The Guardian, National Geographic Traveller, BBC Travel, and more. She has also written a book about freelance journalism.

Charukesi lives by the tenet, ‘Anywhere but here’, and while she isn’t traveling, she’s definitely planning her next trip to someplace she’s never seen before. She loves to keep moving, keep exploring, keep discovering all the time. She believes that travel is such a significant part of her life that she can’t be at home for more than two weeks.

Stating Ladakh and Hampi as her favorite destinations, Charukesi also loves to explore the lush green forests of our country and frequently visits the tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh. Turkey and New Zealand are also her favorites, where she wouldn’t mind going again and again.

“This is an early morning scene from Thiksey monastery, and this monk who stood alone during the morning prayers embodies the strong and proud spirit of the place. It is a tough life out there, and the harsh brown mountain surroundings only heighten the sense of isolation around this monastery,” says Charukesi.

Charukesi firmly believes that traveling to new places changes a person for the good and a person must experience it at least once in their life. As an advice to her readers, she said, “We get only one shot at life, so to get the most out of it, get out of your comfort zone and see the world. Now, starting now. There will always be excuses of time, money, health and such, but find it in you to somehow see a new place and experience a new way of life as often as possible.”

Check out more of her amazing photographs and beautifully written travel diaries on her blog, ItchyFeet.

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