9 Incredible Instagrammers Every Food-loving Bangalorean MUST Follow

Instagram made pretty much everyone a blogger, but in that sea of pictures and hashtags, how do you know whom to follow? How do you separate the winners from the also-rans? NearFox did some digging and put together this list of Bangalores best food bloggers – the ones you should follow to squeeze the best out of Bangalore’s food scene, at all times.

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Sharron DCruz began her Instablog only a year ago, and she has already crossed 10,000 followers! Yes, this is one blog you have to follow for the best of food in Bangalore. Her honest reviews are what caught our attention and we feel its definitely worth following.

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Arpan Ramteks blog started in 2014, after he took to the camera full-on. This was preceded by a lot of eating out, given Arpan happens to be a full-time foodie. The reviews on his Instagram blog are as genuine as his first reaction to food, says Arpan, adding they are completely random and non-curated.

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Deepa Madraasi’s journey as a food blogger started in 2013 as a way of sharing authentic Tamil cuisine with the world. Apart from recommendations, her blog also has recipes, tips and tricks, and glimpses of her food trails.

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When Nikita started sharing pictures of the food she ate in 2013, little did she know it would go on become a well-followed blog on Instagram. Her blog offers the best of Bangalore and hidden gems across the city.

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Anupama Dolekar Shivacharya started sharing pictures of food because of a simple passion for food till one day a friend told her that he wanted to eat every dish she had Instagrammed! From here she realized she was on to something and began focusing more on creating a blog which is today one of the best in Bangalore.

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If youre in Bangalore and wondering what to eat, check out TheBangaloreFoodies on Instagram. The blog follows this husband and wifes journey across the city and their love for food. Its also a platform for other foodies in Bangalore to share the same love for food.

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Theres plenty of regional cuisine, desserts and food works of art on iivaishkus Instagram blog. The bloggers love for food went viral when she began posting pictures of food, and it soon became a passion for her.

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Rohit Dassani

Foodie and traveller Rohit Dassani knows where and what to eat in Bangalore better than most others. Over the last three years, he has made viewers drool over the food pictures they see on his blog.

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This three-month-old food blog has gotten us drooling over their food pics. We kid you not. The bubbly blogger behind the handle has personally tried out each and every dish featured here. For first-hand reviews of the best in Bangalore, this is the blog to check out.

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