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Your phone is flooded with selfies you cant place and dorky videos eating into its limited memory. So, do you have a video from the last time you went river-rafting or bungee-jumping? No? That OMG moment of legendary proportions got lost in time because you didnt have the right gear, or it was too bulky? Or, maybe you have the video but you think editing it requires some serious skills? Injustice much? Enter Frodo, an action camera that solves all these pesky issues, and then some.

How the idea clicked

When Rahul Vats, a Panjab University alumnus, and Amardeep Singh from IIT Bombay – adventure junkies themselves – came across this buzzkill, they decided to start a whole new hardware startup. Years went by, and I wasnt even looking at what I had shot carrying all that camera equipment each trip, only to dump everything onto a hard disc that eventually got corrupt, says Singh. A whole-hearted plunge and several sleepless nights later, Frodo was born at the Mecca of electronics, the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, in 2016.

Why Frodo is ahead of the rest

With Frodo, you can capture Instagram-friendly 15-second videos to fast-paced stories that are totally worth sharing. With a 0.7-second boot-to-shoot time, it can capture candid moments to perfection.

It’s a strap!

With its strap-on form, Frodo makes for a truly portable device. Now no need to buy bulky expensive mounts and put them on and off. Nor do you need to carry a lot of camera equipment. With photography enthusiasts, designers and engineers developing Frodo over 18 months, the product had to be a kickass piece of gadgetry.

Edit videos like a pro

Frodo is Indias first action camera that comes with a corresponding Frodo app, which makes editing videos easy peasy. Specs: HD recording, storage capacities of 16GB and 32GB and Evolutionary Algorithm on the Frodo app to edit hours of adventure footage into ready-to-share videos.

The crowdfunding route

Currently angel funded by friends and family, Powai Lake Ventures and growX Ventures, Nexgear has launched a crowd-funding Indiegogo campaign on 4th April, 2016. They took the crowdfunding route since it will help them assess initial traction and visibility on orders besides generating credibility. Their crowdfunding campaign is live on Indiegogo.

With sufficient funds, they would even be able to manufacture in India, making it a truly desi product. NexGear was also listed among the top five hardware startups by Qualcomm, and was touted as Go-pro slayer by Cond Nast Traveller. If that isnt a testimony, we dont know what is!

Want to lap up?

Starting April 4, backers of the crowdfunding campaign can pre-order the Frodo at a special early bird price of $149 (16GB), or around Rs 9,800. Deliveries are expected in November, 2016, right around the holidays.

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