Hebbal: The beautiful junction

If youre a Bangalorean whos flying out of town, chances are you have stopped at the Hebbal flyover to soak in the beautiful sight laid out by Mama Nature in front of you! Located at the northern end of Bangalore, Hebbal gets its name from the lake situated in the region. The region is an important junction of sorts with the most arterial roads in and out of Bangalore intersecting here. This creates a beautiful mesh of flyovers overlooking the eponymous lake. If you havent visited the spot yet, then were gonna tell you why you should!


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Hebbal is located 9 kilometres from the city centre and can be accessed by taking a bus from Majestic bus station. The distance from Hebbal to Airport is 28 km.


Hebbal is a prominent junction point as it is here that the Bellary Road intersects with the Ring Road and the area has nearly 5 flyovers in every direction. Hebbal thus serves as a checkpoint of sorts before entering the city of Bangalore.

Image by Shyamal/CC BY-SA 3.0

Hebbal Lake

Spread over 130 hectares, the lake was one of the three lakes created by Kempegowda himself in the year 1537 by damming a wetland ecosystem. The lake is a popular site for bird watching with the nests of birds like Spot-billed Pelican, Eurasian spoonbill, Pintail, Coot present near the lake. An interesting aspect of the lake is that it has been leased out to Lumbini Developers, leading to protests from environment groups who believe privatization will harm the ecology of the lake.

Lake Development Authority oversees the development and preservation of the Lake and its ecosystem. Whats more the Hebbal Lake Park is located adjacent to the lake and is a hotspot for couples. The park also offers boating facilities at the lake and cost around Rs 40 per head for a 20 minute boat ride.

Real Estate

The apartments in Hebbal, Bangalore cost around Rs 6500 per square feet and the boom is largely contributed to its proximity to both the city and the airport.

Columbia Asia Hospital

One of the biggest names in the hospital industry, Columbia Asia is a 90-bed multi specialty hospital located in Hebbal. The hospital hosts some of the leading names in the fields of Oncology, Ophthamology and Neurology and has in the last decade became a center for providing excellent healthcare facilities to both Indians as well as foreign nationals.

Nearby attractions

Lumbini Gardens: Located beside the Nagavara Lake, Lumbini Gardens is one of the best privately owned gardens in the city and provides the perfect spot for recreation and re-ignition of romance in couples. To know more about it, read the NearFox guide.

Esteem Mall: If you want a mall with a quiet ambience then Esteem Mall is the one for you. The food outlets here like McDonalds Delhi Khazana, Biryani King will take care of your hunger pangs after a visit to the lake. Located in the Hebbal Kempapura area.

Manpho Convention Centre: The enormous 100000 sq.ft. Convention centre is a marvel that is bound to grab eyeballs and a stroll through its landscaped lawns is well worth your time.

Bethel AG Church: A cozy little House of god that will remind you of the Cathedral hosting The Brides wedding in Kill Bill. Without the shootouts and the gore of course.

Manyata Tech Park: If you miss swanky buildings after a visit to the lake, then visit the Manyata Tech Park. The state-of-the-art architecture of the complex is proof why Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India.

Hotels and restaurants

When it comes to hotels and restaurants, Hebbal offers the flyer tons of dining options. While its not possible to list them all, we have handpicked the best of them

Chings with a twist: Chinese cuisine, Rs 500 (meal for 2)
Treat Restaurant: North Indian cuisine, Rs 400 (meal for 2)
Relish: Chinese cuisine, Rs 500 (meal for 2)
Swastik Deluxe: Andhra Cuisine, Rs 500 (meal for 2)

In addition, there is also the renowned Howard Johnson Hotel in Hebbal that helps weary travellers bunk over after a long flight.

The main image for this article was sourced from Wikimedia. Image by V Malik/CC BY-SA 2.0

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