Hesaraghatta Lake

In many ways Hesaraghatta Lake is like Virender Sehwag-his form may go down from time to time but trust him to come back with a bang! The lake has seen many ups and downs ever since it was built in 1894 but continues to attract tourists by the dozen. So what makes this lake so popular? Well, we at NearFox tried to find the answers.


Hesaraghatta Lake in Bangalore is a manmade reservoir that encircles a freshwater ecosystem. The lake was used to supply water to Bangalore during the early 1900s and the primary inflow of the lake is the Arkavathy River that originates in Nandi Hills (to know more about Nandi Hills, read the NearFox guide).

Image by Shyamal/CC BY-SA 3.0

The lake is created by a bund (earthen dam) built across it. The bund is 1690 metres long and 41 metres high. The lake also went completely dry in the year 2009 and conservation efforts brought back the water in the year 2012, with the government banning all illegal activities like dredging and sand mining in and around the lake.

Image by L.Shyamal/ CC BY-SA 2.5

Hesaraghatta Grasslands

The Hesaraghatta grasslands are located 4-5 km away from the lake and are one of the few remaining grasslands in the citys outskirts. The grasslands consist of a mesh of dirt roads that braid the land in unseen designs. The best time to visit is post monsoon (OctoberDecember) when the area reaches its green pinnacle.

Nrityagram Dance Village is nearby the Hesarghatta grasslands and is a popular tourist spot. The village promotes holistic living through dance. The rural setting is unique as it is filled with both verve and peace. The student-teacher relation her is based on the old Gurukul system and the Nrityagram dance troupes have performed worldwide and won rave reviews.

Things to do

Camping: This ones a no-brainer as there is no better place to camp in the world than a lake. And Hesaraghatta is a lake surrounded by verdant grassland and an inflowing river to boot. Just dont attempt if you are a novice or are scared of creepy-crawlies.

Cycling: The Lakes shore is perfect for some hardcore cycling and were talking mountain bikes and not your average city slicker. The muddy roads surrounding the lake are perfect for a round of endurance cycling. Or two if you are game!

Bike trip: The bumpy dirt roads are all about giving you the perfect off-road experience and for a biker, thats way up on the priority list. If you have a gang of bike buddies, then drop everything youre doing and head to the place now.

Bird Watching: The Lake may not be back to its full potential, but its still a great site to indulge in bird watching. The resident birds here include Kingfishers, Magpies, Robins, Greater Coucals, Black Drongos and the lake has nearly 29 species of birds in total.

How to Reach

The distance between Hesaraghatta and Bangalore is 28 km and there are KSRTC buses from the Majestic bus station to reach the spot (All bus numbers beginning from 253 go to Hesaraghatta). One can take a taxi to the place as well and will cost around Rs 1200 for round trip (if you travel through the Hesaraghatta main road).

So when in the mood for some adventure, head to the Hesaraghatta Lake.

The main image for this article was sourced from Wikimedia. Image by Nikkul/CC BY-SA 2.0

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