A Serene Workspace by InstaOffice in Indiranagar

With more and more people choosing the exciting path of starting a company over doing a 9 to 5 job, the demand for workplaces in prime locations is on the rise.

Also, renting an office comes with a lot of different hassles of its own. To the rescue – Shared co-working spaces!

This new age concept doesn’t just cater to the “low-cost, no-hassle” needs of an entrepreneur but comes with a lot of other benefits which we will explore shortly.

One such amazing co-working space has popped up on the double road in Indiranagar above Fenesta Studio.

Double road InstaOffice

This coworking space boasts a wide variety of amenities such as video conferencing spaces, open lounge, open pantry, dedicated parking, and of course, seamless WiFi!

With the regular community events by InstaOffice, you will definitely get a lot of chances to network with other start-ups and grow with them.

Indiranagar InstaOffce


Check out their website to know more about their coworking spaces in Bangalore. You can also check out their business centres, and meeting rooms, coworking spaces across the major cities of India!

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