Keep India Clean: A Simple Movement That’s Changing The Face of Bangalore

Two years ago, when Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was launched, we all were really excited, and there were several events to clean up our cities. However, the yawning gap between the enthusiasm to clean up the city and not knowing how to go about it, has led us back to square one.

But, as they say, complex problems have the simplest solutions. Pratik Shetty, a social entrepreneur from Bangalore, observed that a lack of dustbins in the city was the biggest reason for people to litter. Since public dustbins get stolen all the time, he came up with a simple campaign called “Keep India Clean” to address this problem and it’s actually working!

What is Keep India Clean?

Started off in Bangalore, Keep India Clean is an NGO founded by Pratik Shetty where they approach local restaurants and eateries to keep dustbins outside so that people don’t litter. They believe that if every restaurant in the city had a dustbin, the problem of littering would decrease considerably. The dustbins won’t be stolen as well as it’ll be the responsibility of the diner to take care of the same. With the campaign spread over 25 cities in the country, they’ve collaborated with many MNCs and fast food chains. Their largest reach has been in our capital city of Delhi.

How Can You Help?

Keep India Clean relies a lot on its volunteers, who do a great job convincing various restaurants to keep a dustbin outside. Anyone can be a volunteer, all they have to do is to convince at least five restaurants to follow suit. They currently have 102 volunteers in about 25 cities of the country.

A lot of health hazards in any area are spread due to improper garbage disposal and littering is one of the major reasons for it. Hence, Keep India Clean is not just solving the problem on surface but also chipping away at its root cause!

All images for this article were sourced from Keep India Clean’s Facebook Page

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