Lumbini Gardens

The Lumbini Gardens in Bangalore is proof that there is no dearth of natural beauty in the city. If youre on the look-out for new spots to indulge in a green paradise, then youre in luck. The renovation project has made this an ideal space for Bangaloreans to get together for a nice day out. For a thorough guide on how to get yourself there and what to do, keep reading.

Photo by Rameshng / CC BY-SA 3.0

Entry Fees

It will cost you Rs 50 to enter. Regular boating is an additional Rs 50 and entering the wavepool will cost Rs 200. Other rides will incur a different ticket price.


It is open on all days from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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What you can do

Nagawara Lake: For a peaceful trip, the Nagawara Lake is a spot that will offer you much solace. Relax on the banks of this lake and enjoy an unparalleled view. When it gets dark, the place truly brightens up with differently coloured lights, giving it a pleasant ambience.

Artificial Beach: Now you dont need to travel to Goa or Kerala, Bangalore has its very own artificial beach that fulfils all the sand and sun essentials. Now, in what other places could you sport your swimwear in the midst of the city?

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Boating: The main attraction of Lumbini Gardens, boating is the best way to see the vast beauty of the Nagawara Lake. You can opt for a leisurely ride on a coffee boat with several others, or for the more adventurous, a pedal boat lets you take control! All of these will have a different ticket price.

Kids Park: With a range of rides and fun activities for kids, there cant be a single dull moment in Lumbini Gardens. Some of these rides are even accessible to adults, so awaken the child in you and hop on!

Wavepool: For that water park feel, without dishing out an exorbitant entry fee, visit Lumbini Gardens very own wavepool. The entry may be cheap but the fun is limitless.

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Floating Restaurant: Finish your day with a meal at this one-of-a-kind floating restaurant. Eat delicious food while overlooking a stunning view of the lake.

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Tips for the cautious traveler

With great natural beauty, come great bugs, so be prepared for potential encounters with creepy crawlies! Mosquito repellent is advised, as they are rampant in the evenings.

Make sure you wear your life jacket while boating, and demand one if it is not provided. The lake is very deep and could be hazardous.

Food and beverages from outside are not allowed.

Visiting the Lumbini Gardens in Bangalore is a must-have on your list of things to-do and now that you have this guide to help you, you cant make excuses. Get going!


Nagawara Lake, Ring Road, Hebbal

The main image for this article has been sourced from Wikimedia Commons. Photo by Rameshng / CC BY-SA 3.0

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