PotBall – A Game So Cool It Has To Be On Your Bucket List

Ever been kicked out of your society ground for creating a ruckus and not known what to do? Devansh Mathur and his group of friends faced the same dilemma and decided to make the best of this situation.

Devansh, George, Anshruta, Sarthak, and Gaurav invented Potball out of a need to keep themselves entertained in Bangalore, a year ago. Due to space restraints, they started taking turns at kicking a ball into a laundry bag. Eventually, they developed it a bit, and voila! A new game was invented. The best part about the game is how less the requirements are and how you can play it almost everywhere. One can play it indoors, outdoors, the beach, at a party, or a large ground. All you need is a ball and an object (something like a bucket) to pot the ball in.

In just the span of a year, the game has already reached 4 countries and is gaining popularity quickly. Potball helps enhance your skills and master ball control and accuracy. It helps you play more confidently and develop quicker decision-making. You work on your pivotal first touch, and eventually, grow into a more confident and skilled player.

The rules of the game are pretty simple – The aim of the game is to pot the ball till one team reaches 20 points. There can be 2 groups of 2/3 players each and they must be pit against each other with the bucket in the center. Every turn consists of one touch by a player. As a team, you have three turns among yourself to pot the ball. One player cannot take consecutive turns. If the ball rolls over the central line within 2 or 3 turns, it becomes the other teams turn. Use of walls in an indoor space does not count as an extra touch. Service changes when: 1) A player consecutively touches the ball twice. 2) A team touches the ball 3 times. 3) The ball goes out of play. One should try aiming directly at the pot or pass it to ones partner during service. Confused? You can watch the following video for a clearer idea.

You can also check their facebook page here.

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