Smoke House Deli, Farzi Cafe Among Bangalore Restos Fined For Hygiene Lapses

In what should come as a wake-up call for Bangaloreans, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has found that several upscale restaurants on the posh Lavelle Road don’t even meet basic hygiene requirements – something that customers take for granted since they pay a sizable premium for the ambience and service.

Led by Sarfaraz Khan, Joint Commissioner, Health, the team carried an inspection on Saturday, 20 August and found major hygiene lapses at eight restaurants, including big names like SodaBottleOpenerWalla, Fisherman’s Warf, The Biere Club, Bootlegger, Sunny’s, The Glass House, Smoke House Deli and Farzi Cafe. Officials levied a hefty fine of Rs 16 lakh on these restaurants for their unhygienic kitchens.

Findings reveal that even though the dining areas were clean, the kitchens were abysmally dirty. Besides, some of these restaurants did not have separate smoking zones either.

officials inspecting restaurant

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At one of the restaurants, kebab skewers were kept close to the area where employees washed their hands. Several kitchens were found to be using rusted knives, and at some places, meat was marinated in the backyard. At another restaurant, different kinds of meat – chicken, pork, lamb and beef – were not even segregated.

The kitchen at Sunny’s has been closed for three days following the inspection.

officials inspecting restaurants

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The violation wasn’t just limited to rules around hygiene – some restaurants were found playing music up to 99 units, even though the allowed limit is only 50 units. A few of these restaurants were also found selling cigarettes, which they aren’t permitted to.

The department plans to have regular inspections from now on, and put CCTV cameras in the kitchens of these restaurants.

The featured image for this article was sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Some information and images for the story were sourced from the Facebook profile of Joint Commissioner, BBMP

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