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Richfeel’s Hair Transplant – is it the dilemma that you face? Should you go for it?

Here are some of the Richfeel Reviews that our Nearfox team found on the internet, which can help you to decide for yourself.

Review by Teena Mohanti, Bangalore

“Watching your husband going bald in the late 20s is not what you would like. I asked him 100s of times to check with the doctor but he did not bother much. One day, I showed him comparison photos of him in his late teens and present hair situation which convinced him to see the doctor. Richfeel was the first stop as my father had already tried the services and I was expecting similar results. Well, they didn’t disappoint at all. He had to go through hair transplant surgery and it took 3 months of aftercare but the end results are more than enough to make both of us happy!”

Review by Dr. Rajesh Vashisht, Bangalore

“Being a doctor I know how depression can ruin your life. Hair fall can cause stress and when I started getting bald I did not want to feel that pain. I immediately booked an appointment with Richfeel as I knew about them already. I am really happy and satisfied with the services and would recommend them to everyone.”

Review by Gayatri Tyagi, Bangalore

“Being in the fashion industry, hair products are very common daily use item. Unfortunately, most of these products have harsh chemicals and even though I know how bad they are, I have to use them. My hair got worse with time and I needed expert care to control the hair fall and thinning. Richfeel was one of the names that popped up while looking for a solution. It is no doubt slightly expensive but the results are amazing. With the help of doctors at the facility, I was able to regain good hair health. The shampoos and supplements that they gave helped a lot. Thanks to Richfeel, I am not trying new hair style every week! Yes, I have stopped using chemical based products as well.”

Review by Radhika Rathi, Bangalore

“Nothing can beat the confidence boost that healthy hair gives. But watching them getting thinner and dry is not what I expected after taking so much care. I wanted to get professional help but I got really confused and tried around 4-5 different services before Richfeel which made the situation worse. Richfeel, however, was different and they did not make any false promises. It is expensive as well. It has been 6 months since I am following their prescribed treatment and I must say the results are just perfect! Thank you Richfeel.”

Review by Dheeraj Grover, Bangalore

“Baldness runs in my family and I never intended to get depressed by it. But when it hits you, it hits hard. I stopped going out and stayed home most of the time. It was my mom who forced me to seek professional help. Richfeel hair transplant is what helped me to regain the confidence and now I have dense and thick hair on my scalp. The painless procedure totally changed my life.”

Review by Ravi Sharma, Bangalore

“Premature graying is not a family problem but I was the one who had to face the problem. My hair is healthy and dense. The scalp is clean and healthy as well. But graying still happened. When I first consulted Richfeel, I came to know that my stressful job combined with unhealthy diet was causing it. They started the treatment right away and now it is reversing. I do not want to try hair colors and with Richfeel, I do not think I will need it at all!”

When you try to find a service that can help you in getting rid of scalp and hair related issues it is understandable that a lot of questions will come in your mind. Have treatments at Richfeel really worked? Are these hair treatments safe? Will these treatments bring the desired results for everyone trying them? These questions are among the most common queries which people ask. The issue is that there are a lot of clinics and companies that claim to be the 100 percent solution for the problem but they do not give the results they claim. So we suggest you think it through.

6 Questions you should ask yourself before taking Hair treatment:

Before you choose to visit a Trichologist, you should ask a few questions to yourself. Some of this question is:

  1. How bad is the problem?
  2. Do you really need a professional?
  3. Can you afford such services?
  4. Will you be able to find time for the treatment?
  5. Does the problem run in your family?
  6. Though these questions look simple, they will help you determine the problem and you will be able to be sure about your decision.

What is Permanent Hair Transplant? Does it actually work?

Richfeel mainly concentrates on the hair and scalp problems. The institute has both surgical and non-surgical treatments for different problems. Baldness, thinning of hair, premature graying of hair, dry scalp etc. are some of the common problems treated at Richfeel. The surgical hair transplant procedure also known as Aesthetic Hair Implants or AHI is a revolutionary technique was brought to Indian by Richfeel in association with Ailesbury Hair Clinic of London.
It is a very simple and effective procedure in which doctor takes small punches of hair and place them on the bald patches. The doctor can place up to 5000 hair in one sitting. It is a painless procedure and requires very little aftercare. Once the recovery is done, the patient can dye or shampoo hair as well. It takes around 2-3 months for the hair to start growing at a normal pace of up to a cm per month.

Proceeding with Richfeel Hair Transplant

When you are sure that you actually need professional help and you have sufficient funds and time for the treatment, you should prepare a list of questions which you will need to ask your trichologist:

  1. If the condition is treatable and if it is treatable, at what stage it is on?
  2. If you have any medical condition, will it cause problems in the treatment?
  3. Are you going to take any medication after or during the treatment?
  4. Do you need to make changes in lifestyle and diet?
  5. How much time will be required for recovery if you are going for a surgical treatment?
  6. What is the overall cost?

Summarizing the internet’s thoughts about Richfeel Reivews

Every person has different ways to boost his or her confidence but one aspect of the physical appearance plays a critical role in boosting confidence and that is healthy hair. However, today we all live with the reality of hair problems due to our fast paced lifestyle, increased levels of stress, pollution, increasing health problems and unhealthy food. A large percentage of the populace today deals with hair related problems including hair fall, bald patches, and thin lifeless hair.

In most cultures across the world, a head full of healthy hair is considered a sign of youth and vitality while hair loss signals end of youth and desirability. This fact is what makes a person suffering from hair loss, lose confidence to a great extent.

If you are also facing with hair related problems like thinning hair, bald patches etc, and are looking for a treatment at the earliest, to get better results we suggest that you approach a trained practitioner as he will be much more successful in stopping hair loss and helping in hair growth provided you approach him in time. A name which has fast gained credence amidst people is Richfeel. They offer a range of hair treatments as well as FUE hair transplant.

We reached out to people from different locations around the nation via social network to collect completely unbiased Richfeel Reviews. Whether it was Richfeel’s hair transplant review, hair treatment review or anagrow treatment review, we heard mostly good things. In fact, Richfeel is one of the best options you can choose. So we can say that, if you have to get Hair Treatment or Transplant service from anywhere in India and have the wallet depth to afford it, Richfeel is your best bet.

Comment below and tell us about your experience with Richfeel.

5 thoughts on “Richfeel Reviews of Clinics in Bangalore”

  1. I was suffering from serious Hairfall problem and because of that I was really frustrated. I have wasted a lot of money by using different products and by visiting different clinics. Nothing was working, then one of my friend suggested me to give a try to richfeel. I visited my nearest richfeel clinic in Bangalore. The doctors there are really experienced and co-operative. They will provide you best treatment according to your budget. If someone is facing same problem then I must say you should give a try to richfeel.

  2. I am here in bangalore since last 3 years. I am facing hairfall problem since then but i ignored it many times. 2 months ago the problem became much more severe then one of my colleague suggested me to visit to richfeel for same. I was not expecting much, But to be honest i am really surprised by treatment they provide me. I must say the doctors there are really helpful and so as staff. Good work Richfeel.

  3. In my first appointment with doctor at richfeel he promised me that he will cure my dandruff problem. Three months gone and i have not seen even a single improvement instead it has become even worse. My sincere advice to you all to stay away from richfeel.

  4. All the doctors at richfeel are really careless. They never take any extra efforts for their patients. The products which they suggest are not at all effective and they are such a waste of money.

  5. since last 2 years I am suffering from dandruff Problem Before going to richfeel I tried 2 other local clinics which is also in bangalore. I have paid double the amount of which i have paid at last 2 clinics combined but still I found there was my last clinic better than richfeel. They do not pay proper attention to any of their patients.

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