A Travel Photographer Captures The Most Astonishing Sights Of The Country

Travel is always associated with exotic places like France, Italy, and New Zealand. But, we do have a few places in our country that could give Europe cities a run for their money. Rio, a travel photographer from Bangalore captures the most beautiful sites of the cities she visits and her pictures are enough to give you some serious wanderlust. Take a look!

Ramanahalli is a short drive from the city but it surely is a beauty!

Goa really has some of the best beaches of the country, doesn’t it?

Our country not only has diversity in its regions and people, but also its architecture. Charminar set in the modern city of Hyderabad is clearly an example.

Forget the Swiss Alps, Manali is the real deal!

What has Buckingham Palace got over the Mysore Palace!

And seriously, there isn’t a state as green and as beautiful as Punjab, is there?

And we think we can give Shimla the due credit for its beautiful spookiness, can’t we?

What’s your favorite travel destination in the country?

You can follow more of Rio’s work on Instagram.

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