St. Joseph’s College Alumni Rocking The Startup Scene

Bangalore’s St. Joseph’s College is not one of the most reputable colleges of the city for nothing. With a history of 130 years, it has produced many a bright mind. But its achievements don’t end there.

NearFox has put together a list of entrepreneurs from St. Joseph’s who are making a mark in the startup space with their out-of-the-box ideas and sheer brilliance. Read on.

Elston Menezes, B.E. Hemp India

What if we told you that a startup in Bangalore is making products like soap, notebooks, wallets and yarn, all out of hemp! What began as an idea in 2012 to create awareness about cannabis and its uses, is now a full-fledged startup. Elston started with spreading awareness around hemp through flea markets and a few organic themed events. After a few such events, Elston Menezes, Benson Martis and Sayanthan Halder registered themselves as a partnership in August 2015.

The aim of B.E. Hemp India, just like its name, is to make hemp the preferred fiber and oil crop again. They intend to make everything out of it like food, medicine, fuel, bio-degradable plastics, fabric, and want to make it easily accessible to people.

Nikita Agarwal & Umang Chordia, Once Again Store

Built around the concept that you should never have to wear the same clothes twice, Once Again Store allows to sell your clothes you don’t want to wear. With their products ranging from Forever 21 to Gucci, they want to make branded fashion available to buyers at good prices. Some of the products have up to 80% discount.

Conceptualizing the idea whilst in their 2nd year of College, Nikita Agarwal and Umang Chordia started working on it in February 2016 and launched the website in July. Since then, Once Again has done over 3000 orders, and is servicing in over 20+ states. They have recently launched their android app as well.

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Rajeev Raja, Brandmusiq

Brandmusiq focuses on giving brands a ‘MoGo’ instead of a logo. They create musical logos for various companies, which become their identity just like a logo. They believe that music has a lot of potential and it can become a strategic sonic identity than just a tactical ‘hit’ jingle.

Raja says that when sound and music are designed to evoke a brands persona and values, the connect with the consumer works at a far deeper level.

They have a long process which involves sessions on brand discovery and sonic mood boards, and at the end of it they create a MOGO for the brand, which is surrounded by a MOGOSCAPE, which is the sonic palette of the brand.

Srinivas Ramanna, Cyclops MedTech

Dr. Ramanna, an ENT surgeon, started Cyclops Medtech with a vision to create innovative and cost effective medical devices which would expand the diagnosis horizon and aid in faster and better cure. They create clinical and wearable diagnostic products and solutions using eye tracking technology.

They believe that for centuries the diagnosis of a patient has been restricted to physical examination and it’s largely subjective. Though medical science has some very clear pointers correlating various eye conditions with other medical conditions, there has never been a focused effort to built diagnostic platforms harnessing the power of eye tracking and imaging. This has been the driving factor behind the launch of Cyclops.

Their first product is a clinical diagnostic device to diagnose vertigo and balance disorders. which will be launched in the first week of September this year. They make sure their products are cost effective and are an ideal fit for emerging economies.

Chetan Chauhan, Constapark

Chetan Chauhan realized that parking in the country is very difficult, sometimes nearly impossible, for car-owners. It isn’t easy to find parking spots around the city.

Constapark aims to eliminate the hassle of finding parking. Its revolutionary long-term parking and on-demand valet platform aggregates parking spots across the city from parking vendors, malls etc and provides information to users on their mobile devices. They take up inventory for long term and monthly basis. They help property owners earn more by enhancing the occupancy rate. Currently, they’re planning to expand their services in Delhi and Hyderabad.

Manish Pole, Total Yoga

Manish Pole founded Total Yoga in 2010 with an aim to combine fitness and mindfulness. His teachings are a combination to bring you peace of mind as well as keep you fit. His schools are based in Bangalore, Pune, Delhi and California. He has been yoga and meditation teacher for the last 13 years and was also the CEO of Bharat Thakur’s Artistic Yoga.

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Avinash Hegde, Supertext

We’re all finding new ways to be more connected with our friends these days. However, it’s getting highly impersonal at the same time. Supertext is a platform where the conversation happens with the help of chatbots. They’re creating a revolution in instant messaging platforms and the way we interact with each other. They’re also working with various brands and businesses, where Avinash and his team are making human-like interaction with technology possible by the push of a button.

George Abraham, Pressplay TV

George Abraham has built PressPlay TV, Indias first online + offline independent OTT entertainment platform. They aim to make high quality, curated and best in class video content easily accessible anytime and anywhere to consumers – across platforms and devices.

They use a hybrid delivery model to offer the video content both online and offline considering the inconsistency of internet speed and expensive mobile data in the country. They strategically place PressPlay hotspots on long distance buses, railway platforms, trains, hospitals, shuttles, hotels and other high traffic areas to let users stream for free without paying for data and without any buffer/lag. The users can also download videos to watch later. They’re currently working with more than 60 content creators and over 300 distribution partners with 3000 hotspots across the country.

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Rohit Regonayak, Papertrell

Mobile devices have profoundly changed the way we read. While books encourage immersive reading without distractions, digital reading urges interactivity. In 2010, while repurposing a print book into a digital format, Rohit Regonayak realized there were no tools available for creating a product that delights and engages a digital audience. Papertrell was born in 2013 as a result of this need. Papertrell is a cloud-based, feature rich, book-app platform built specifically for publishers, authors, content owners or anyone to convert books into stunning, interactive apps that run across multiple devices. Today, leading publishers across the world use the Papertrell platform to go beyond simple digital replicas of print books to create truly interactive experiences that delight readers.

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Dilshad Master, FarInto

With leaps of wanderlust and a will to share it with the world, Dilshad founded FarInto, a crowd sourced collaborative travel magazine that connects travelers with like-minded people. They also help them get in touch with travel operators in various emerging economies. FarInto enables travellers to discover a wealth of travel experiences that they would otherwise not have been aware of, and book with responsible travel operators.

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Gayatri Futnani, Anokhi Montessori

Gayatri believes that there is nothing more precious than being a part of a childs journey of growth and discovery. Working with children is her passion and their energy and spontaneity helps to keep the child in her alive. With Anokhi Montessori, she and her team want to create a culture where parents and teachers are on the same side. They provide required exposure to young children and nurture their mental, physical and emotional development.

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Jayendran Balasubramanian, Taykit

An innovative Last Mile Service, Jayendran founded Taykit to enable the last mile accessibility and efficiency through an established network of pickup points that include their own stores and local businesses. Using Taykits safe and secure services, customers may pick up/ collect, tray and buy and return products bought online.Taykit is aimed at revolutionizing buyer convenience and etailer efficiency through a robust hyper local and omni channel presence.

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