7 Stand-up Comedians in Bangalore you have to Check Out

If on any given day Bangalore traffic is getting to you and you could use a good laugh (and no, not at the traffic, because thats no laughing matter), theres plenty of stand up comedians in the city who promise you a night of inappropriate jokes. After watching them and laughing till our sides ached, we at NearFox put together a list of who we think are the best stand-up comedians you should follow, but not in the creepy way.

Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar is one of the leading stand-up comedians in the country. He started performing while he was in BITS Pilani where he used to be a part of Mime Club and started doing stand up comedy in 2009. His clean comedy makes everyone comfortable even in the most uncomfortable seats, which makes him a favourite with all audiences. He has performed over 975 shows. In fact he loves comedy so much that he decided to get married. And now you know where he gets most of his jokes from.

Sanjay Manaktala

If you follow the comedy scene in Bangalore were sure youve heard of Sanjay Manakthala and if you dont, well you should check him out now. He got into stand-up comedy because he wanted to embarrass himself on a daily basis and lose his dignity even more. Raised in the US and now living in India, this former software engineer uses his (in)experience of living in India as material for his jokes which he tries to keep clean. He likes cracking jokes about things that worry him like life, weight, the internet, garbage we see on television and how to find Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Kjeld Sresth

Kjeld Sresth got into stand-up comedy because he finally found a job where people applauded and appreciated failure. In jest he says that quitting his job as a business analyst to pursue comedy was a huge mistake, but he hopes itll make a great story someday (possible stand up comedy material?). Hes performed across the city at some of the best comedy clubs and open mic nights and is in the process of recording material for a YouTube channel.

Rupen Paul

Rupen Paul was that kid we all know whos shy at first but can crack one helluva joke. When he was 18 he stumbled across a clip by Omid Djalili who he cracked him up and since then he has devoted his life to stand up comedy. While doing his Masters which he says was extremely depressing, he decided to do what he was good it and make people laugh. He still thinks hes pretty horrible, but weve seen him perform and he cracks us up. Check him out at The Big Ptitcher and let us know whom you agree with.

Ajay Samson

All his life Ajay Samson annoyed his friends and family with PJs to a point where they begged him to stop and he realised he should take this to the next level. His first open mic in 2015 got claps, laughter and an ex prefixed to his girlfriend. On Praveen Kumars insistence, and despite him thinking his jokes werent funny, he took part in and won an open mic competition where he opened for Russell Brand and Vir Das. About being a stand-up comedian, Ajay says that he loves this part of his life and fears the day he wakes up and isnt funny anymore. The he says, he would rather not wake up at all!

Shunky Chugani

When Shunky Chugani couldnt watch porn at work to stay awake during night shifts, he watched stand-up comedy and realised he wanted to be just like the guys on stage. As a small kid in a boys school he was made to play the role of a girl during school performances, and was always picked on. When he grew up he turned these memories into a jokes for a stand-up comedy show and was an instant hit. And thats Shunky Chuganis story. He loves to dance and his plan for world domination is to make people dance more.

Aamer Peeran

Aamer Peeran says his life is a joke and uses that as material for his shows. A serial liar and a horrible student, he decided to use his two best talents- talking and making people laugh and become a stand-up comedian. He looks like Clark Kent but is no Superman, though he wishes he was. His style of comedy is observational and his jokes are sometimes far advanced for audiences.

Know anymore stand-up comedians you think deserve to be featured? Write to us at pr@nearfox.com

The main image for this story was sourced from Humour Mill

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