The Happy Baker Is Making Our Cakes Healthier And Tastier

How many times have we used the phrase, “This cake will be the end of me.” Well, a lot. We all love our cakes but we all don’t want to pile up on that sugar too. It’s an everyday struggle, and Parvathy aka The Happy Baker gets it. That’s why she has started her line of healthy and beautiful cakes that not only cater to your sweet tooth but also keep that lovely waist of yours in check.

Being a vegetarian, Parvathy found it difficult to get good quality eggless cookies and cakes. So, she started her own bakery in 2013 and has been producing eggless beauties ever since! Apart from that, she makes sure that her products are made out of organic whole wheat, the healthier and tastier substitute to the all purpose flour.

With an aim to not compromise on the health and still keeping it healthy, Parvathy uses only organic ingredients in her preparations. In three years, she has tons of regular customers who love her healthy desserts. So, in case you’re looking for a cake that doesn’t make you feel guilty, opt for The Happy Baker!

You can follow more of her work here.

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