5 Upcoming Theater Groups Of Bangalore

Nowadays, contemporary theater is becoming more and more popular among metropolitans as countless acting and theater  enthusiasts come up with original concepts for their performances. Theater groups are slowly but  steadily making their way into the giant sphere of the world of drama. NearFox brings you five such  theater groups who are blowing the minds of theatergoers in Bangalore!

Tahatto Theater Group

Tahatto theater group was started by 5 individuals 7 years ago, who discovered their love for drama and theater in a workshop. Badarivishal Kinhal is the decision maker, writer, and actor who has worked with several theater groups in Germany and Bengaluru. Their plays are mostly comic, sometimes  blending realism with unrealistic situations. Their latest play K-Pax is based on On a beam of light and is a psychological  drama.

Facebook Page:  Tahatto

Underdog Entertainment

Underdog Entertainment was started by Chaitanya Varad in 2012. In four years, they have performed forty shows across four different cities, which includes seven of their original  productions. They have also managed to launch around 54 aspiring theater artists. As their facebook  page describes, their entertainment is brash and in your face. Their plays Love,Sex and Mocha, Why  this Kolaveri Di?, Hangover the musical, and Sex, Lies and Pokes have made quite an impression on  young theatergoers.

Facebook Page:  Underdog Entertainment

Saarthak Productions

Saarthak Productions, established in 2013, founded by Sharya Singh and Deevas Gupta is another such theater production group which is going out  of the typical themes. Co-Founder Shaurya Singh has worked in the theater industry as a writer, poet,  and director for a decade. His latest work I had a dream has been inspired by The theater of the  Absurd and works of Beckett and Ionesco.

Facebook Page:  Saarthak

Jagriti Entertainments

Jagriti Entertainments has made a huge contribution to the theater industry in mere 5 years of its  establishment. Not only it has come up with new and original productions of its own but also provided  independent space to other artists and production houses who wish to showcase their prowess.  Established in 2011 by Arundhati and Jagdish Raja, Jagriti Entertainment provides a diverse platform for  those with artistic visions. Recently, they also arranged workshops and performances for kids. Their plays  Beyond the Bubble and The Vaidyas Oath tackle realistic issues in a fun, action-packed manner.

Facebook Page:  Jagriti Theatre


WeMove has been establishing itself in this industry for the past 10 years now. It was a part of the WeMove  Foundation for Performing Arts (WFPA), founded in 2006. Their ideology is that theater should be reachable  to all the audiences. Started by Rangaraj Bhattacharya and Abhishek Iyengar, WeMove also conducts  theater workshops and devised performances which cater to specific themes and needs of a particular  group or organization. Their plays are mostly satire, and in Kannada and English. Magadi Days,  iMirror, Namma Metro etc are some of their recent productions.

Facebook Page:  WeMove Theatre

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