5 Women DJs From Bangalore Who’re Killing The Beat

Bangalore is, without a doubt, one of the best places in the country to party. The reason? Its amazing pubs and their exceptional DJs. And women aren’t behind in this seemingly male-dominated genre, with the city having quite a few female DJs who can spin the hell out of any nightclub! NearFox has compiled this list of the city’s most promising female DJs who are a force to reckon with!

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DJ Arlene

Starting off her career when she was only 18, Arlene is the first female DJ from Bangalore and one of its most popular ones. Often called one of the top female DJs of the country, her music changes with the season. From funky house to minimal to trance, she aces at everything. She has played at the top most clubs in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi. You can follow her here.

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DJ Esha

One of the top DJs in the country, she is known for her powerful Bollywood remixes. A lover of Bollywood music and EDM, she is a favorite at the Bangalore party scene. She has shared with the best DJs of the country at various events. She also tours all over the country, throughout the year, and has a huge fan base. You can follow her here.

DJ Rislyn

Coming from a small city, DJing just happened to Rislyn and she’s been in the scene for a while now. A hip-hop and techno queen, she’s Bangalore’s darling. Famous for her smile and mean DJing, she’s played at the most prominent clubs of the city, and plans to get into music production soon. Her remixes are the crowd’s favorite. You can follow her here.

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DJ Sara

DJ Sara is an upcoming talent who rolls with Bollywood beats. She works with one of most popular DJs of Bangalore, DJ Hassan and the crowd loves her.Her peppy tunes and her mix of EDM and Bollywood are heaven to ears and will have you dancing in no time. You can follow her here.

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DJ Shweth

A kickass House DJ, she has been on the scene for years now. Her techno and trance beats are something even men can’t match. A lover of peppy and pop beats, she has a huge female fan following, thanks to her romantic remixes. You can follow her here.

These DJanes are giving the male DJs a run for their money and it’s about time they got their due credit.

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