Spin Bike Workouts – 7 Reasons to Spend 50 Minutes on a Spin Bike Every day

Spin biking, soon after its launch in 1991, became a widely accepted workout form and has seen a cult-like following since then. There were several reasons that helped it gain worldwide popularity and acceptance including the convenience of not stepping out of the home,  low impact on joints (unlike other physically taxing exercises), high increase in cardio strength and its effectiveness in burning the belly fat. Spin Bike featured

A spin bike workout can be done in the comfort of your own home even when the weather condition is extreme outside, be it a winter morning or a rainy evening.  The chances of getting hit by a truck while you are cycling outside or being left behind your cycling gang would considerably be reduced. So if you are all set to spend about 50 minutes daily on your spin bike, here are a few benefits that will keep you motivated;

#1 Improve your core muscle strength

It is a general misconception that a spin bike workout employs only your legs and glutes, which is not entirely true. The Rhythm routines in spinning can engage your side and middle abdomen thus strengthening your core.

The results might not be immediate, but you’ll see the difference on your entire core as it gets toned up eventually.

#2 High Muscle Tone

Spin bike workout helps increase the muscle strength of your core muscles, thighs, and buttocks. By increasing and decreasing the tension of the bike, you can simulate the action of going up and down a hill. You can work on your muscle tone by pedaling at slow speeds and high tension.

#3 Reduced risk of injury

During a spin bike workout, you do not need to jar or pound your joints and muscles as in other exercises like running and weightlifting. This reduces the risk of injury by a magnitude.  Spinning is a low-impact workout and can be done by people of any age and fitness level.

That said, you have to assume a proper position and form in order to be 100% safe from injuries. Your seat must be aligned in such a way that when the pedals are at 9:00 and 3:00 position, the ball of your front foot will be just below the front knee. The handlebars must be aligned just slightly above the saddle such that your back feels comfortable.

#4 Increased cardio endurance

The spin bike workout increases your heart-rate, posing as an amazing aerobic exercise along with its obvious anaerobic benefits. This increase in cardio strength helps improve the health of your heart as well as your lungs. It also helps tackle anxiety and stress once you start performing controlled breathing during your workouts.

#5 Enhance your mental strength

People who do spin bike workouts have reported attaining a mental state of moving into the “zone” and forgetting everything else that’s going on around them. This is a great stress reliever and poses as a mental strength enhancer.

All you need to do is build the muscle memory essential for maintaining a proper form. Once you master the form, you can reach these states when your body and your conscious mind become two separate entities, and it’s as if you were meditating. Your body does all the work without thought and your mind becomes calm, in peace with the world.

Apart from this, the mere fact of setting a goal for yourself (which is slightly more than your current capacity) and then achieving it releases lots of dopamine and endorphins in your body. These are the happy hormones responsible for making you feel happy. Endorphins are released when the body performs a physical task which is beyond its current capability and dopamine is released when you achieve something – achieve your workout goal in this case.

Thus, a good 50 minutes long spin bike workout leaves you with a calmer and happier mind.

#6 Workout in all kinds of weathers

In the case of a real bike, there are several limitations like extreme weather conditions, the risk of accident, the risk of being left behind the group, etc. A spin bike workout, on the other hand, can be done all year long, at any time of the day, whatever the weather conditions outside.

In fact, the spin bike was invented because of this very reason. Johnny G, a great athlete of the 90s wanted to practise for the Race Across America (RAAM1989) but was didn’t want to leave his pregnant wife alone in the house. That was when he created the first spin bike out of his garage and the rest is history.

#7 Reduce Belly Fat

Belly fat lies deep within your internal organs. Harmful inflammatory chemicals are excreted by these fats and must be tackled, failing which it can raise your risk for chronic diseases.

Reduction of belly fat can be done by doing aerobic exercises. Spin bike workout being a type of aerobic exercise requires you to commit at least 250 minutes every week in order to reduce this stubborn belly fat. This means, a 50-minute workout for 5 days every week can help you burn away the belly fat.

Although there are other ways like running, playing tennis, etc to burn belly fat, a spin bike workout is the easiest way of doing it, from the comfort of your homes!

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