Best Running Jackets for Men | Review for 2017

Are you a frequent runner? If yes, then you would surely be exposed to adverse weather conditions while pursuing this hobby or passion. The most simple and efficient way to handle such situations is to buy a good running jacket for yourself. If it suddenly starts raining in the middle of your run, it will help to keep your clothes dry and can also protect you from the chills and the wind during the cooler seasons. Another more scientific reason to buy a running jacket is that you need to keep your body warm during your run to improve efficiency and keep your muscles burning a higher amount of calories. Running jackets can help you regulate your body temperature when you are out for your run.

The best men’s running jackets are extremely lightweight, and as a result, you won’t feel any discomfort while wearing them. Many of these jackets are included with hoods, and this ensures complete protection for your head as well while you are out running.

Read our review of the best and most versatile running jackets available on the market in 2017 based on their comfort, fit, quality, and value for money!

1. Adidas Men’s Essential Tricot Jacket

adidas Men's Essential Tricot Jacket

  This jacket is made of 100% polyester tricot. It has the trademarked 3-stripes design and has a great fit. It is available in various sizes to ensure individuals of different body types can wear it comfortably. The jacket is available in a multitude of colors to ensure that they cater to everyone’s taste. It weighs just one pound and will not add much weight when you put it on.

This specific jacket does not just score a high score on style, but also on functionality. The 100% polyester tricot feature makes it very comfortable for the wearer to move very fast and it also ensures improvement in the profile of the athlete. The jacket has a central zip extending through its length which, in conjunction with its fitting and weight, making it a great option for layering.

In short, if you want to make a sporty fashion statement and look casual at the same time, this is the jacket for you.


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2. Adidas Men’s Essential Woven Jacket

adidas Men's Essential Woven Jacket

  Just as its name implies, this jacket is woven, which is a sign of excellent quality. Also, it is made for men, and it is a product from one of the best designers in the world- Adidas. It is made from 100% fibers, and it features kangaroo pockets on either side. It also comes with a full zip at the front. The hood is drawcord-adjustable, and it also features a full zip.

The jacket also comes with ribbed hems and cuffs, with the Adidas brand mark perched on the left chest. The 100% polyester fleece ensures that the jacket stands out in every sense of the word. The jacket weighs in at about 2 pounds, making it one of the lightest jackets available today.

This jacket is built especially for cold-weather training. If you are a regular jogger or a runner who lives in a very cold place, then this is the best jacket for you.

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3. Nike Dry Element Men’s Half –Zip Long Sleeved Running Top

Nike Men's Dry Element Running Top

  The jacket is among the best men’s running jackets in 2017. It is made for men, as its name indicates. It is also among the best jackets to go for if you are looking for a comfortable and lightweight jacket for running. The jacket is made with Dri-FIT fabric which helps to keep you comfortable, dry and warm.

The jacket has a trendy half-zip, which makes it quite adaptable to slightly warmer temperatures as well. The thumbhole in the jacket is designed such that your thumbs hold the jacket in place. This ensures a comfortable fit when you wear the jacket. The jacket does not just protect you from the cold, it also protects you from accidents. It is fitted with reflective details, and this ensures the jacket is especially visible even in low- light conditions.

The composition of the jacket’s fabric is 11% Spandex and 89% Polyester which basically means that it is breathable, durable and stretchable.

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4. Champion Men’s Vapor 6.2 Half-Zip Jacket

Champion Men’s Vapor 6.2 Half Zip Jacket

  The jacket is completely made of polyester and it can be washed in a washing machine. The jacket also dries fast, which is one of the features that sets it apart from most other jackets available today. It is designed to absorb moisture (your sweat) and help it evaporate quickly.

The jacket is also designed to make you more visible when you put it on. If you are running in low light condition, for example, any motorist approaching you can easily see you due to the 360 Degree reflectivity feature in this jacket.

The breathability of the jacket is also designed to target ventilation zones and make your run relaxing and soothing.

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5. UnderArmour Men’s Storm Launch Run Jacket

Under Armour Men’s Storm Launch Run Jacket

  The jacket is made for men, and it is again 100% polyester. It is imported and its design is made using the revolutionary UA Storm technology. Thanks to this technology, the jacket can easily repel water, and it will not lose its breathability while doing so either.

The jacket is ultra light. The fabric is woven and it is very smooth to touch. As a result, the jacket can deliver the desired protection from the cold in such a way that you will not be weighed down by its weight.

The breathability in the jacket is further improved by the mesh-back rear vent fitted to the jacket. The hand pocket is also equipped with secure mesh. The cuff is adequately elastic too, to enable a better fit. The jacket weighs one pound only, and the logo is reflective. As a result, you can be spotted from far off in low light condition.

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6. Salomon Men’s Panorama HZ Midlayer Jacket

Salomon Men’s Panorama Midlayer Jacket

  This jacket is made of 100% polyester. It is designed for men, and it is made with the Salomon Actitherm technology; this ensures that the jacket keeps you warm in all conditions. The jacket is available in various sizes, which makes it easy for you to find the perfect size.

This is one of the best running jackets for men available in the market. The jacket can only be shipped within the United States- International shipping is not available. It only weighs one pound, which means it is light in weight and can be easily handled.

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7. New Balance Men’s Lite Packable Jacket

New Balance Lite Packable Jacket

  This jacket is one of the most reliable men’s running jackets around. It is very comfortable to wear, and it is made especially for men. It is made of 100% Nylon. As a result, it can keep all the moisture out once you put it on. It can also keep you warm for hours on end.

The jacket comes with reflective trims and logo. This means any motorist, biker or another runner can see you from far off. The reflective trims and logos also glow during the night or when the light conditions are bad. The jacket includes a hood. When you are not using the hood, you can fold it up and slip it in the back neck of the jacket. The moisture management technology ensures faster drying than what you would see in other jackets.

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