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Bowflex Blaze is a versatile home gym that lets you do over 60 different exercises with smooth movements and minimal impact on your joints. You can perform numerous chest exercises with the mid-level pulleys, shoulder and back exercises with its lat bar, lower body exercises with its leg extension, and mid-level pulleys for squats. It’s a machine that uses an innovative Power rod resistance system which is used only in Bowflex machines. This system eradicates the need of buying pounds of weights and instead, uses Power Rods to create resistance. We’ll talk more about these resistances later in the post.

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Manufacturer Bowflex
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Pros Patented Resistance Technology, 60 exercise options, Sliding seat, Lat bar.
Cons Takes up more space, Warranty does not cover wear and tear.
Final Verdict The power rods technology allows it to be compact and lightweight. It’s a great machine with 60 exercise options. Go for it if general fitness is your goal. However, if you are a powerlifter and want to do advanced workouts and lift heavy weights, then this isn’t the right choice.
Rating 4.4/5

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

What do we love about Bowflex Blaze?

#1 Power Rods Resistance

When you look at the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym, what is the first thing that you notice? That’s correct! No weight bars. Bowflex Blaze uses a patented technology called Power Rods Resistance which enables the user to do an all-round workout without the use of any weights. This technology uses Power Rods that create a resistance to create the same effect as the weights in the gym.

Although there is a lot of debate over the effectiveness of the Power Rods over normal weights, the reviews by hundreds of users clearly state that it fulfills the purpose of fitness. If you are a hardcore lifter then this probably won’t be useful for you but if your fitness level is low to moderate and you just want to stay in a great shape then Bowflex Blaze is an amazing machine for you.

These power rods enable a user to create a resistance right from 5 lbs up to 210 lbs which can be further increased to 310 lbs and 410 lbs. Bowflex Blaze has the highest amount of resistance among all other Power rods systems by Bowflex. The PR1000 and PR3000 have just 310 lbs to maximum expandable resistance.

#2 60+ Exercises

Whether you are a mother of three, a regular body builder, or 300 lbs guy doing a 9 to 5 job, the Bowflex Blaze accommodates all kinds of age and fitness groups with its wide range of exercises. With Bowflex Blaze, you can perform over 60 quality exercises. These exercises are super versatile and cover all the major muscle groups of your body.

With the mid-level pulleys, you can perform various exercises on your chest. The lat bar allows you to work your back and shoulders (More on this later). The ability to perform leg extensions and curls using the additional attachment enables you to work your lower body. All of these workouts are explained thoroughly in the guidebook that comes along with the Bowflex Blaze package and you can use to design your workout according to your goals and fitness level.

#3 Sliding Seat And Lat Bar

The sliding seat in the Bowflex Blaze allows you to do a cardio rowing exercise. This is a great way to warm up for your workout and engage your back. This not only helps in building a strong back but also helps in building great cardiovascular strength and burn fat.

The lat bar in the machine, like mentioned earlier, is a great addition that gives it more versatility. You can adjust the resistance according to your strength and do pull downs for your chest as well as your back. This is a great way to build these muscles quickly and as you move forward, you can progressively increase the resistance.  

#4 Warranty

  • Rods: Lifetime
  • Machine: 5 years
  • Other Parts: 60 days

Very few brands in the home gym category show this kind of a confidence in their product by giving a lifetime warranty. Although the warranty does not cover wear and tear, the fact that they give a lifetime warranty shows the quality of their product.

#5 Hand Grips

The Bowflex Blaze has triple-function hand grips meaning that you can use the hand grip and ankle cuffs for different purposes. It acts as a Regular hand grip/ankle cuff, foot cuff, and shoulder cuff. These hand grips provide additional flexibility to your workout by facilitating several biceps workouts and make the machine more versatile.

#6 Safe and Smooth

The resistance system provides extremely smooth movement and is very easy on the joints. Because of this fluid movement, even a person who is recovering from any injury can perform the workout as it won’t affect his joints like other machines and free weights do. Along with this smooth movement, the machine is extremely silent. Unlike other gym equipment, you can perform your workout in the same room where your family is sleeping without waking anybody up.

This machine can be used by every person of the family. Even the teenagers of your house can use it for general fitness.

#7 Cardio and Fat Burning

With the advanced sliding seat rail, the Blaze can be turned into a rowing machine which you can then use for your cardio. Burn those extra fats and improve your cardio strength with the Bowflex Blaze in the comfort of your house without having to dress up for the gym, fight the traffic, and dress up again.

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What Do We Think Can Be Improved?

#1 Size

Although pretty compact when compared to the conventional gym Bowflex Blaze 4machines, the Bowflex Blaze is big in size and it might be a problem to store it if you a small room. There are other options available in the market like the Total Gym XLS which takes up little space and uses your body weight.

Although it is a bit difficult to store the Bowflex Blaze, it is possible to put it away when not in use for a long period of time – like the weekends or when you’ve got the guests coming in.

#2 Warranty for Wear and Tear

Although the company has great confidence in their product, the lifetime warranty does not cover the wear and tear of the power rods. Many customers have reported that the resistance feels lighter after using the machine for a few years and the problem with most mechanical machines. There are several ways to avoid the change in the resistance like covering the rods with straps and keeping the machine in a place where the temperature does not change. You can even replace the resistances if you think that they have become too weak but we’re very hopeful that you won’t have to.

Final Verdict

Although we have a few concerns about the product like the size, wear and tear, and people outgrowing the 410 lbs limit, if your goal is to get in a great shape, this machine is the best choice.

The power rods technology of this moderate price range machine is highly effective in reducing its size and weight. Bowflex puts great confidence in the build quality of this machine and this makes us relieved from worries about the durability. With a wide range of fitness exercises and the maximum resistance of 410 lbs, which is greater than its home gym counterparts (Bowflex PR1000 and PR3000), this machine becomes the best choice for anybody whose goal is to build a fit body.

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