Curry Leaves – 12 Surprising Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Curry leaves are natural flavoring agents that can be used for cooking as well as medicinal purposes. It makes the food have an aromatic smell and make it taste good.

Curry leaves are the leaves of curry tree and are scientifically known as Murraya koenigii Spreng and belong to Rutaceae family. The most useful parts of this tree are the leaves, bark, and root.

Curry leaves often resemble Indian lilac or neem and are native to India and often found in tropical and subtropical regions. You can also find it in Nigeria, China, Australia, and Ceylon.

Moreover, curry leaves contain loads of antioxidants that control diarrhea, excessive acid secretion as well as unhealthy cholesterol balance. It can be dried and fried depending on its use but its fresh component is always important for herbal medicine and cooking.

Some of the nutrients found in curry leaves are carbohydrates, fibers, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, and minerals.

It also contains some vitamins like nicotinic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin E and vitamin A as well as antioxidants, plant sterols, flavonoids, amino acids, and glycosides. It has chemicals like carbazole alkaloids and nearly zero fat, 0.1g per 100g.

Curry leaves

Health Benefits of Curry Leaves to the Body

Curry leaves have loads of benefits to the body, apart from just adding flavor to the food. It offers a number of health benefits to the body with no side effects, be it as a medicine or food flavor.

Here are some health benefits of curry leaves to the human body.

1. Curry Leaves are Antioxidants

Curry leaves have been found to be a good source of antioxidants due to the presence of several minerals like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E that help with reducing oxidative stress as well as free radicals that often cause damage to the body.

You can always add curry leaves in your vegetable stews, soup, or curries as a whole or dried powder form.

2. Curry Leaves Can Stop Diarrhea

Research studies that have been conducted on curry leaves have so far revealed that the presence of carbazole alkaloids in it is what makes it an anti-diarrheal agent.

You can simply ground some of it and eat the paste or just drink some of the juice from the leaves if you have diarrhea and it will stop immediately with zero side effects.

3. Curry Leaves Can Help Fight Cancer

Curry leaves have loads of chemicals like phenols and carbazole alkaloids that often help with fighting cancers such as leukemia, colorectal cancers, and prostate cancer.

4. Curry Leaves are Radio-Protective and Chemo-Protective

Studies that have been done on the extracts of curry leaves have often shown some positive results in its effectiveness in reducing the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in cancer patients.

Likewise, it also protects against chromosomal and bone marrow damage as well as prevents free radicals from becoming active in the body. You should note that free radicals are often the cause of some of the most dangerous body ailments.

5. Curry Leaves Have Anti-Diabetic Properties

Curry leaves have been proven to help with the control of diabetes in human beings. This is due to the presence of hyperglycemic properties that are highly present on its leaves, be it fresh, powdered or paste form. This means that it can limit blood sugar spikes in diabetic patients.

6. Curry Leaves Lower Cholesterol Levels

Studies that have been conducted on curry leaves often show that it has the potential to reduce bad LDL cholesterol levels in the human body. This, in turn, reduces loads of cardiovascular diseases that are often due to bad cholesterol levels as well as keep your whole body healthy and fit.

7. Curry Leaves Have Gastrointestinal Protection Properties

Curry leaves are often recommended for the cure of different gastrointestinal issues. This is due to the fact that it contains mild laxative properties.

You can make juice out of its leaves with a mix of lime juice in case of any indigestion problems or add some of its leaves paste to buttermilk and ingest it early in the morning on an empty stomach, so as to relieve any symptoms of indigestion.

8. Curry Leaves Are Good For Hair Growth

Curry Leaves are often believed to strengthen hair roots. You can mix its dry curry leaf powder with some oil and apply it on your hair with a quick massage on a daily basis.

Moreover, in case you have any gray hair you can apply some of its leaves paste. You can do this on a regular basis so as to stimulate hair growth and limit any grayness.

As for the scent, it has an aromatic smell that won’t bother you or the people surrounding you. Besides, you will have to mix it with hair oil for effectiveness.

9. Curry Leaves Are Good For Eyesight

The high level of vitamin A in curry leaves is what makes it ideal for vision enhancement.

Vitamin A contains carotenoids which protect the cornea, the eye surface. So its depletion can cause some night blindness, cloud formation in front of the eyes as well as complete loss of vision in some rare cases.

10. Curry Leaves Are Good For Skin Care

Curry leaves are very helpful with skin care condition. It can turn your wrinkled and acne skin into a spotless flawless masterpiece in a matter of few days.

You just apply some of its juice or paste from the leaves on any kind of burns, cuts, insect bites, bruises or skin irritations for a quick and clean recovery.

11. Curry Leaves Offer Protection to the Liver

The liver is one of the most important organs of the human body, especially when it comes to digestion. This makes it a priority organ that needs to be protected against all forms of ailments as well as free radicals, bacterial, and viral attacks.

Curry leaves have been proven to provide just the required level of chemicals like carbazole alkaloids and tannins so as to ensure that the liver is well taken care of. Its leaves have great hepatoprotective properties that can protect the liver from liver cirrhosis and hepatitis.

12. Curry Leaves Protect Against Pathogen Attack in the Body

Curry leaves have been found to be great elements when it comes to fighting bacteria and fungi infections in humans. It does not matter in which form you ingest or use it, it works miracles either way.

Caution with Regard to Overconsumption and Use of Curry Leaves

As much as curry leaves are healthy and nutritious to the body, always try to avoid eating its seeds as they are poisonous. But make use of its other parts like leaves, roots, and bark.


Conclusively, curry leaves are very much beneficial to the body no matter which forms they come in. You can always ingest it in powder form as well as paste and even juice.

Moreover, you can use it as herbal medicine as well as for culinary purposes. Besides, it has zero side effects no matter how it is consumed, in terms of quantity too.

Curry leaves are not hard to get and come at a very affordable price. So make it part of your lifestyle and diet, as it is safe and highly valuable to the body.

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