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Shirodhara Treatment in Gurgaon | Experiences of Aishwarya

In the recent times, due to having a rotational shift job, my sleep was suffering big time. I could not sleep for more than 2 hours and this made me tired all the time. My concentration at work was decreasing and my dark circles had become terrible or better known as raccoon eyes. My mum was so worried that during my next week off, she rushed me to an Ayurvedic Clinic in Gurgaon named NuAyurveda.

We could not locate the clinic at first, however, when we gave them a call, they provided us the exact directions and we reached easily. After 5-10 minutes of waiting, we were called in. Before we proceed, let me tell you a little about the clinic. Well, it is nothing like a typical hospitalish-clinic. It actually looked like a posh spa. From front office to therapist, all were super friendly and smiley.

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Once inside, I met my doctor. She was a highly qualified Ayurvedic Physician, who had treated such cases before, successfully. So, she asked me about my work and various other questions to come up with a treatment plan. She gave me a few oral medications for my dark circles and disturbed sleep and asked me to go for Shirodhara.

Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic treatment, where the herbal oil is poured on your forehead continuously. Apart from helping me with my problem, Shirodhara came with several other benefits. They are; relief from anxiety, stress, fatigue, hypertension, etc.

My treatment was scheduled two days later and from the day of my consultation, I started consuming the prescribed medications. That day, I slept a little better and my dark circles still looked the same (I know I had to be patient). So, on the day of my Shirodhara, I met my therapist who explained the whole procedure to me. The whole session lasted for up to 1.5 hours and was completely worth it.

I was feeling utterly relaxed for the first time in months. The feeling where I was constantly tired was gone. And, I simply felt refreshed. The whole session cost me about 2500 INR which I think is value for money, they used their custom blend Ayurvedic oils, which is even beneficial for the hair. That day, I slept like a baby. I continued the medications for a month and my dark circles had completely vanished.

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