5 activities near Delhi to challenge your fears

Its ironic that humans of today fear the very things that made them tick. Speed, agility, water, heights. We conquer. We do not chicken out. And thats what makes us, us.

Delhi, situated just beneath the mighty mountains of the north, has ample opportunity to conquer. Most fears are a matter of starting out. The first touch of icy cold water, the first beat of fierce air slapping you, the first jump, they can get you addicted to the more alive thrills of life. Heres a list of things you can do to get over the fears – take help, take baby steps, but at least start out.

Rock Climbing

There is an almost eery pleasure to be scaling heights, even if minimal. Not bothering about cuts and bruises, about pains and aches and learning to climb, letting all your survival instincts take over..absolute delight. And no, avoid the fake walls. There are so many real ones to be explored, one sturdy step at a time.

Places: Manali, Dalhousie
Contact: NASA Adventures
Address: 86/4 Janpath, Connaught Place, Behind 88 Janpath, New Delhi-110001
Phone: +91-9050003101

For a look and feel of what its like, head to the Indian Mountaineering Foundations artificial rock climb.


Free falling, a little out of control, in the middle of cold deserts. Its a little disconcerting, but vastly liberating. You dont need to even master the ski, just one deep breathe and one good push; and were wheeling away. Thankfully, theres loads of help and guidance at hand. Why not make the best use of it? Dont just stick to sightseeing on your next trip.

Places: Auli, Solang Nala, Uttarkashi
Contact: Travel Duniyaa
Phone: +91-9805626334

If you want a taste of how it could be, head to Ski India in Noida. Its not the real thing, but a good glimpse.


Heres something you can do right within Delhi while enjoying the stunning aerial view of the otherwise crowded city. Honestly, its like sitting in a flying rickshaw (preparing for the future, we say). We know youre going to return to it, and then you wont need help flying this mean machine.

Contact: Flyboy Aviation
Address: L-194 ,Road No 7D,Mahipalpur Extension, New Delhi
Phone: +91-9871510510

Image by Wonder Speedway/Facebook


While speed is not the most necessary thing, its certainly a valid thrill. We dont propagate trying to experiment in the middle of Delhi roads, but head to the go karting centres available in Delhi for the feeling of shooting ahead with near-total abandon. Control freaks might find it difficult, but theres a first time for everything.

Contact: Wonder Speedway
Address: A-2, Sector-38, Noida-201301
Phone: +91-01204650453

Image by Wanderlust Adventures

Bungee Jumping

Fly, fly little bird. And now you can, right within the city. Its a crane jump (not quite same as the bridge jump) of 150 ft. At a time when its likely your next apartment might hover there, youd do well to see what it actually is like.

Contact: Wanderlust Adventures
Address: G-18, III Floor, Masjid Moth, Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi- 110048
Phone: +91-9810530004

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