6 Pack Momos To Introduce 20-25 Momo Carts All Across Delhi NCR

Quick Take

If you feel there is a dearth of places that serve piping hot momos near your house, now there’s less reason for you complain. 6 pack momos is launching over 20 momo carts all around the city.

Gorge on

Offering options like butter chicken and paneer, the diner has the option of completely customizing their order. We are spoiled for choice to choose our fillings, sub fillings, dips, and gravies.

Points For

With over 250 different ways to customize our order, their momo making machines are able to produce around 10000 momos in an hour. Guess who will be stuffing themselves up with delicious momos all day long!

All in All

We can’t wait for these carts to be available all over the city to help us get rid of our hunger pangs.

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