Cherry Comet: When ice-cream fell from the heavens in Delhi

Just when we thought innovation in ice-creams was limited to flavours, comes along a game-changer. We are talking about Cherry Comet, the instant ice-cream shop in DLF Cyber Hub, which, hold your breath, brews (yes, we double-checked) fresh ice-cream right in front of your eyes. Which means you don’t have to turn the cone upside down, or look frantically for the ‘Best Before’ date.

That’s not all. The instant nature isn’t limiting or anything, for you have on offer a range of flavours that will bring that cosmic smile on your face. (Only ice cream does that, doesn’t it?) A case in point is their Belgian Bolero, which is made from 100% pure Belgian chocolate as also the Banarasi Punch, which has fresh paan leaves and Gulkand in it.

The Gulaab-E-Lychee and the Bubble Yum (bubble-gum ice cream) are a hit with the kids as also the rest of us. (Well, all of us stopped growing up as far as ice cream goes – we know adults at NearFox whod pick these flavours over anything exotic!) No wonder then, in the last two years these ice cream guys have been around, word has travelled far and wide.

Started by engineers Saransh Goyal, Rohan Bajla and Anirudh Singh in 2014, Cherry Comet plans to come up with a set of unique flavours for the summer and are coming up with ice-cream carts to add to their current tally of two outlets. Priced between Rs 100 and 250, it’s on the brink of becoming a phenomenon you don’t want to miss.

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