Fashion Blogger Urvashi Batra’s Journey From A Regular Science Student To A Successful Fashionista

Hello everyone! I am An Engineer academically, but a fashion-addict by heart and soul! I started blogging on fashion and lifestyle a couple of months ago because I love to experiment with my looks. I am quite eclectic in nature but I also focus on a pocket-friendly fashion. To satisfy my soul, I love to cook food and listen to Beatles!

Beginnings are the toughest, but at the same time the most exciting and adventurous! You don’t have a concrete plan, you don’t have a lot of resources and every thought and vision is a blur. But, there comes a moment when you decide to take actions for what you have always wanted! I am a final year student and after my previous semester ended, the thought of becoming a fashion blogger pondered on my mind. But, I was always afraid of doing it because I am a science student who’s also preparing for her entrance exams, so I have a lot of academic pressure. It didn’t help that my father is also super strict when it comes to my studies. I was also lacking in financial resources, having to manage everything within just my pocket money!

However, one day, while preparing for my internals, I got so pissed off, irritated and demotivated by my hectic monotonous routine that I felt like tearing off all my books in anger! Well, of course, I didn’t tear off my books, but instead, I changed my clothes, tied a scarf around my head like people used to do in the 70s, did my makeup and hair and clicked some pictures! I felt so relaxed and happy after that! It was on that day that I realised, this is one major source of happiness to me!

Dressing up always uplifts my confidence. Whenever I see a fashion magazine or a newspaper, my mind always starts imagining new ideas.That was the day I decided to step into the world of fashion blogging! This is my way of escaping from all the tension and academic pressure. Now that I have started this, I will never kill my passion for any excuse! I always try to create something new and interesting for my audience and I think God is also in favour, because things have been great ever since I started following this as my passion.

The response has been terrific and I am planning to continue this as my career. Problems? Anxiety? Work pressure? Academics? Stop making excuses for yourself and start doing what you have always wanted! Aim high, set a goal, work for your dreams! Because this is how things are achieved! I saw a tremendous change in myself and I believe there’s a lot to achieve more, but I have understood the way to happiness that can lead to success and I will always follow the path of my dreams, come what may!

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