Breathtaking Shots Of The City’s Fashionistas By A Delhi Photographer

Growing up, a lot of us have been bitten by the bug of photography. The feeling of capturing breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, urban masterpieces, as well as the many facets of a person through a camera is both thrilling and satisfying. Ankit Kumar was no different either. Since his college years, clicking pictures had always been his hobby, however, it was only after buying his own DSLR camera that he started learning the technical aspects of photography and exploring various genres.

In case you’re thinking he’s one of those rich, spoilt brats to whom photography means getting your dad to buy you an expensive camera and creating a “photography” page, think again! In spite of having always been the designated photographer in his friends’ circle, he had started, like most of us, with a regular mobile phone camera, before moving on to a point-and-shoot camera. It wasn’t until much later that he bought his own DSLR, and started playing around with the manual settings, and now, 3 years later, his pictures are ones that simply make our jaws drop.

Dabbling in fashion photography, street photography, and even travel photography, Ankit mostly shoots portraits, and loves to experiment with reflections, slow shutter speed, and low light to create a bokeh effect in his photos. Although most of his time has been taken up by fashion photography projects in recent times, he still loves to pick up his camera and randomly explore the streets of Delhi or head off on a short photography trip!

Inspired heavily by the works of Tarun Khiwal and Atul Kasbekar, he recalls his most favorite project to have been the Bohemian fashion shoot with Kritika Khurana, popularly known as thatbohogirl. The entire shoot was done with his Canon 6D camera, using a 50mm f1.4 lens, and it went perfectly. The theme that Ankit created instantly connected with the audience. Speaking about other memorable projects, he talks about a short street photography project that he’d worked on, at Vrindavan during Holi festivities in 2016. One of his shots got featured by Canon Asia, and it was indeed an exceptionally satisfying moment.

Having conducted a bevy of fashion photo walks for leading fashion social networks and photography groups, Ankit loves to shoot in natural light, while imbuing a certain aspect of street photography to his fashion photography as well.

Of late, the master photographer has been trying to experiment with his shoots and has a whole horde of interesting conceptual work lined up, with several new faces in his portfolio!

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