14 Most Fashionable Colleges in Delhi

So heres the thing: Although none of us dressed like Poo (Kareena in  Kabhi Khushi Khabie Gham)  to college, we Delhiites didnt fail to leave a mark on the campus even with those chappals, baggy tees and pyjamas. And when we decided to up the  glam quotient a little, boy did we turn heads!

NearFox  brings to you the list of the most fashionable colleges of Delhi. These colleges are a  cut above the rest, and its students don’t follow fashion  they create it. Read on to find out if your college/Alma Mater made it to the list.    

Ramjas College

Whether its their popular college societies or  clubs like Focus (photography club)  and  Shunya (dramatics  society), everything about Ramjas is simply fashionable. And when it comes to its students, well, we need not say  much. From the historical  college building to the spot where  conversations go on endlessly  (read: The Sutta Lane), everything about this college has always been in vogue.

Miranda House

Guys will tell you there’s something inexplicably special about this very college. From pairing jhumkas with jeans or a naga skirt with a crop top, Miranda girls are known to rock it every which way. Whether it’s strolling  on  the lawns of the campus,  or  slurping Nestea at the canteen, these divas know how to keep their  fashion quotient intact, and how!

Gargi College

Gargi draws a lot of  media attention for its  quirky fresher parties. One  aspect, however, that  often goes  unnoticed is the style statement of Gargi girls, regardless of whether they  are all decked up for a fresher or farewell party,  or simply sipping on a smoothie at their all-time favourite,  Diggins! Basically, it’s always hot!  

Lady Shri Ram College (aka LSR)

Talking about fashion in Delhi University is  synonymous with Lady Shri  Ram College for Women. In fact, these girls fit the proverbial definition of ‘beauty with brains’.  From notable alumni like Gauri Khan to  their chic fest, Tarang, it remains undisputed that women  from  LSR compliment fashion no less than Carrie Bradshaw from  Sex and the City.

Hansraj College

Ranveer Singh (aka Bittu) planned his ‘tarkeebein’ on the grounds of Hansraj College for a reason. For the makers of Band Baaja Baraat recognised the X-factor of Hansraj quite well.  Known for its urbane style and chic fashion society, Hansraj has always been one of the most stylist colleges on  the campus.  

P.S.  If you want to do  an  SRK and ask out your beloved at LP,  just like King Khan proposed to Gauri at the same spot, you better don’t bring the standard down. (Read:  SUIT UP.)

Hindu College

The X-factor of this college can be gauged from the kind of alumni it boasts of. Take, for example,  Arjun Rampal. Okay, enough said. Besides, Hindus fashion society, Nakshatra (also the initiative of Arjun), is the oldest fashion society in Delhi University and is well known for the panache of its members.

Indraprastha College for Women

Being the first girls’ college in the University to have a pool of its own, IP girls swear by the beauty of their campus. So colourful pyjamas or classy cocktail dresses, IP women rock them all. It only helps that they also have an impeccable fashion sense.

Kamla Nehru College

Crown of the South Campus, the glamour of KNC needs no validation. Its fashion society GLITZ is reputed for not merely the dressing sense of its members,  but also the way they have been representing the college as an epitome of style. Unlike most fashion societies, the KNC crowd manages their styling, designing, etc for various college and state level fashion shows/competitions themselves. Born fashionistas,  indeed!

St.  Stephen’s College

Yes, St.  Stephen’s too made it to the  list. Mostly perceived as the  nerds  on  the campus, Stephenians are known for their excellence in academics. But what we cant help but acknowledge is:  Nerdy is the new sexy! For all that matters, fashion is defined by not what you wear but how you carry yourself and Stephenians definitely dont lag behind!

College of Vocational Studies

Whether its Zest (their dance society),  Manthan (fashion society),  Caravan (tourism society) or  The Time Travellers (history society), one element remains unchanged: how to look awesome! Whether it’s a  pair of faded jeans or a grungy jacket, the CVS crowd knows how to style things up and knows it well.

Jesus and Mary College

Whether it’s  their fresher  or  farewell party,  or even  a  boring class for that matter, JMC girls know how to style things up! Arguably one of the best colleges in South Delhi, JMC is known for some serious class, and that’s because they have mastered the art of minimalism.  From tiaras and veils during parties to mere tees and flip-flops on regular days, the lady force of Jesus and Mary College is  always dressed for the occasion!


Amity University

“Yaar, not tomorrow, I have three  classes. Attendance ka bohot scene hai.” If you hear this from a person sitting two tables away, you know you’re in Amity. A rather unconventional entry to NearFox’s  list of most fashionable colleges, it is  definitely not a weak one. The students of Amity are always particular about dressing for the occasion, and rock it every which way, whether it’s the  colourful patialas and  parandas on the day of Lohri, tees and shorts while gorging at Balli’s Paranthe, or  classy formals on convocation day!

Dyal Singh College

The fashion quotient of Dyal Singh can be easily gauged from the quality of the designs and style you witness at Priyadarshini, their annual cultural festival. From the latest bags to shades, you will witness it all,  the moment you enter the DSC grounds.

Janki Devi College

The ladies of Janki Devi believe in learning from the stars, and we are definitely not complaining. From flowing red gowns to quirky sunglasses that are in vogue, Janki Devi students try it all and carry it with confidence.

Has your college made it to the list? If not, write in to  pr@nearfox.com  with pictures showcasing  your college’s fashion sense

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