Ghoomophirosisters, The Travelling Bloggers From Delhi

If you haven’t heard of the two traveling sisters under the moniker #ghoomophirosisters, listen up, cause this is a story every person who’s ever been bitten by wanderlust must know about! Prachi Garg and Himadri Garg, the two aforementioned sisters have been traveling for over 8 years, exploring the length and breadth of India, including places which are completely unheard of.

From Spiti to Leh and Tsomorari to Kodaikanal, their list of places they’ve travelled to is probably neverending. Tashkent, Pichavaram, and Coorg being some of the lesser known places they’ve been to, they’ve also had a bevy of unique experiences on their trips.

On their first solo backpacking trip, they weren’t even aware where they were headed to, and boarding the first bus they got, they landed in Shimla where they witnessed the very first snowfall of their lives! The Himalayan National Park was where they had their first camping experience, which was as exhilarating as it gets.

For two women traveling together, all by themselves, you might think that it brings a horde of dangers along with it. But they don’t. To them, India is quite a safe country, and it’s all about taking care of themselves and being responsible. Their safety lies in their own hands, so they make sure to follow all the basic safety norms like keeping a pepper spray and a swiss knife with themselves at all time, and doing their best to avoid attracting unnecessary eyeballs.

So, the only challenges they’ve faced till now have been of the budgetary nature, apart from getting leaves from their regular work routine, and last but not the least, convincing their parents, who were understandably quite apprehensive about the issue of security.

Their journeys as the ghoomophirosisters have evolved them as individuals and even their bond as sisters has grown immensely. As a result, they have also started respecting each others differences and understanding each other better. With plans of visiting places like Greece, lagos, Cambodia, Egypt, Turkey, and the Everest base in the immediate future, we’re sure their bucket list is going to constantly keep evolving in the years to come!

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