These Cool Startups By Kirori Mal Alumni Show This College Rocks Every Which Way

Kirorians have been making their college proud for a long time now. From Amitabh Bachchan to KK in Bollywood to former CM of Delhi Madanlal Khurana, its alumni have made their mark in all fields. Keeping the tradition alive, a number of young Kirorians have embarked on the path to make their presence felt on the startup scene. NearFox tracked down 10 cool startups by the alumni of this esteemed college. Read on!

Happily Unmarried, Rahul Anand

It’s very unlikely that you have not heard about this brand. From teenage boys obsession with Ustraas Mooch and Beard Tonic to every bachelors idea of decorating their pad with their quirky merchandise or their funky tees, Happily Unmarried is a household name for must urban Indians. But did you know this quirky startup brand was co-founded by Kirorian Rahul Anand? True story!


Campus Guide: My College Buddy, Sanjeev Patel

Your favourite guide to your campus life, Campus Guide: My College Buddy, is also the brainchild of a Kirorian: Sanjeev Patel. Stay updated about the latest happenings, events and more across campuses and miss nothing, whether a class gets cancelled or a party gets planned! Stay ahead of the curve by having easy access to information.

Website:, Ananya Nanda

Tired of the paid, biased media, Ananya Nanda, along with Jeroninio ‘Jerry’ Almeida, Rishabh Bhatnagar and Aman Vaidya begun Idishoom, a media house that aims to offer wholesome and original content on social, cultural, political, economic happenings as well as current affairs. India’s first non-profit public service media portal, Idishoom is definitely making heads turn with their whistle-blowing initiatives, from Vedanta University land scam to Antilla land scam.


Quick Dry Cleaning Software, Rachit Ahuja

Kirorian Rachit Ahuja, son of a dry cleaner, could never imagine joining his family business during his college days. Until one fine day when his father made him come to terms with the fact that all he is today is because of that very same enterprise. This had a strong impact on Rachit who soon quit his corporate job and used his knowledge of computer application to develop a software that provided a technological platform to dry cleaners worldwide, changing the face of the whole industry itself. Thereby, making an unorganised business into something process oriented and modern. At present, they cater to users in 29 countries across five continents.


GetMeForex, Khushboo Gupta

Every single time we travel abroad, we scamper to get the best rates on forex. Kirorian Khushboo Gupta has solved that problem with GetMeForex, an online forex aggregator, which means no more running for you. Instead, it’s the money-changer who will do the chasing. Planning a foreign vacation? Leave all your money worries and just log on to GetMeForex!


Right2Vote Infotech, Neeraj Gutgutia

A brainchild of Neeraj Gutgutia, a former student of Kirori Mal College, Right2Vote is the world’s first mobile verified voting platform which helps poll creators to cut down cost, time, and effort required to manage an election by more than 90%. It also increases the voter participation substantially due to ease of voting directly from the cellphone. Even NRIs, soldiers and migrants can vote from anywhere anytime using their mobile phones. For high value elections, the platform is using Aadhaar based biometic verification to ensure accuracy and guard against duplicate voting.
Right2Vote not only lets people vote during national elections with just a click on their cellphones, but it also lets you create your own poll for shareholder meetings, student elections, reality shows, social media debates of something as casual as ‘which movie to watch today’.


SportsGranny, Ekta Khangawal

A sports enthusiast from Kirori Mal College, Ekta Khangawal had always been interested in sports management. Soon after college, she started Sports Granny, which aims to create a sports ecosystem in India, with specialised sports management skills. It also plans to work as a catalyst for sports brands and personalities by supporting them in managing their brands.

Website:, Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta, an alumni of Kirori Mal College, launched Dealsnprice with the aim of being the ultimate online destination for all deal-mongers. The idea is to get hold of the best deals and coupons across shopping sites. We did some recce and were impressed, to say the least.

The Junk Trunk, Asbah Rashid

Asbah Rashid of Kirori Mal College actualised her love for art and craft with her startup furniture store The Junk Trunk. From dream-catcher earrings to handmade lamps, the store offers quirky home dcor and pretty jewellery made of waste products.


StintMint, Saurabh Agarwal

A Kirori Mal grad, Saurabh Agarwal co-founded StintMint with the aim of creating a network of people who will help meet business goals for other corporates in a hassle free manner. Market information or data validation, the StintMint team offers quality services at affordable rates and thereby helps your business grow without having to deal with finding, recruiting and managing the workforce.


Silver Chefs, Saif Ausaf

Saif Ausaf co-founded Silver Chefs, a food delivery startup catering specifically to the needs of non-vegetarians. Currently, they deliver only in South Delhi, but plans are afoot to soon expand to meet our biryani and qorma cravings.


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