Richfeel Reviews: Does Richfeel Treatment stop your hair fall quickly?

Do you have questions about the effectiveness of Richfeel’s hair Treatment? Has reading Richfeel reviews across different portals confused you even more? Are you worried that Richfeel is a fraud? Then this is your lucky day as we have spent days on various social media platforms to get the real customers of the Richfeel’s Hair Treatment services have come forward. The Richfeel reviews provided by them will help you resolve most of your queries.

Here, take a look at what some of the reviews state:

Review by Mr. Gopesh Mathur, Badarpur, New Delhi

“In my family, baldness has never been a problem. Neither on the parental side nor on the maternal side, there was not even a single person other than me who was suffering from early baldness. It was not only humiliating for me but a stressful situation for my family as well. Being an actor, I am much aware of the fact that healthy hair can become the reason of that big break. One of my co-actors suggested trying Richfeel treatments. I was little shy in the beginning but the team of experts working at the facility was incredibly supportive. After regular follow-ups and hair transplant treatment, I am enjoying the confident life of an actor again. All thanks to Richfeel!”

Review by Mr. Farookh Akhtar, Gurgaon

“I am not someone who likes to create a fuss about any small issue. This might be the reason I never felt a need to see a doctor for my scalp problem. I have been suffering from acute dandruff for a long time and never bothered much about it. Unfortunately, the problem hit harder when I started experiencing hair fall. Before I knew it, I had bald patches on my scalp. Freaked out and tense, I was looking for a reliable solution when I came to know about Richfeel. When I first visited, I was horrified with the situation but the doctors calmly listened to me and prescribed a few tests. It turned out I still had enough time to control dandruff and fortunately roots were not damaged. It took near about one year to control dandruff completely but I am happy with the results. I regularly follow up with the doctors and take extra care as suggested by them.”

Review my Ms. Geeta Gandhi, Noida

“Thin hair and excessive hair fall were something I had been fighting with for a very long time. In my teens, I fell into the trap of hair products and kept on using them to the stage where my hair looks almost dead. While getting my hair done at a salon, my hairdresser pointed out that if I do not take proper care right away, I may start losing hair in patches which will be a disaster. Before I could freak out she handed over contact info of Richfeel and I thank her for the promptness. The experts at the facility asked me to completely stop the chemical based hair products completely and prescribed shampoos and diet changes. It took more than 18 months to reverse the damage I have caused in 10 years. However, the effect of the treatment was visible within a couple of weeks! Richfeel not only saved me from a disaster, they also helped me in regaining the confidence I have lost due to excessive hair fall.”

What should you keep in mind before opting for Richfeel’s Hair Transplant?

Once you are sure that you want to go for hair transplant, here is our reckoner on what things you should be clear about:

  • Have you tried simple home remedies or tried replacing chemical products?
  • Will you be able to afford such services?
  • Will you be able to dedicate time for such treatment?
  • Is baldness and hair loss a family problem?

The questions are simple but these will help you in forming the list of questions you would like to ask the doctor on the first visit. The treatment requires constant care after the procedure. Yes, the advancement has reduced the aftercare efforts but you still need regular checkups and need to change your routine.

Review by Mr. Gaurav Bajaj, Rohini, New Delhi

“I loved the bald look of my dad and never felt bad about going bald until it actually started when I was in the early 20s. I was horrible and I cannot explain how stressful it became. My mother was already getting treated at Richfeel so I knew the facility is worth a try. I went with a hope that they will help me to get my hair back and thanks to God, they started the treatment without any delay. I was prescribed permanent hair transplant and I am now in love with the results. Thanks to Richfeel, I will never have to see myself with the bald scalp.”

Review by Ms. Fatima Sheikh, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Thin hair is sort of hereditary problem. All the females on my maternal side have thin hair and as you know they break very easily. I was not able to get a good hair style and have to take a lot of care even while combing. It was stressful but I was managing. The problem started when my hair started to fall at a very rapid pace. I contacted Richfeel after checking an ad but had a lot of doubts. The doctors at Richfeel first got some tests done and prescribed some supplements. It was merely a malnutrition case but if I neglected it for a longer period of time, it could have gone worse. Now, I am the only one with thick hair in the family and other members are slowly getting convinced that they do not have to live with thin hair. Richfeel rocks!

Review by David G, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi

“Alopecia hit my confidence in such a way that I started to avoid going in public places. I consulted a few doctors and they simply said that there is no cure or treatment for the problem. However, I was not convinced over this. After a little research, I come to know about Richfeel. It was interesting to know that the problem was because of stress and bacterial infections. The doctors told me that it is non-scarring alopecia and hair will regrow during the treatment. After a little while the effects of the treatment were visible and now I have fully recovered! Thank you Richfeel!”

The way forward with Richfeel Hair Treatment

Once you are done with determining your stand about the condition, you should ask a few questions to the trichologist:

  • Whether your condition is treatable or not
  • Are you are eligible for the treatment considering the health problems (if any)
  • Which procedure will be the best solution for your problem?
  • How much time will the recovery take?
  • What is the overall cost?

What does Nearfox recommend?

We all know that beauty is skin deep and your physical appearance is not the most important aspect of your personality. Yet at the same time you cannot deny that, if you look presentable and well turned out, it is not only a confidence boost for you, but also serves to leave a good impression on people you meet  Especially if you are in the hospitality, sales or such professions, an attractive personality is a major boost. And who can deny that a head full of beautiful, healthy hair is definitely a boost for your looks as well as confidence.

If you are among those who has to deal with bald patches, thin hair, and other hair related issues, no need to lose peace over it anymore. With the advancement of science now is the right time to consider different options before it is too late. The options include hair treatment, hair transplant, Anagrow and many more. There are so many different experts who claim 100% results but one name stands out of the crowd based on the research from our team and that is Richfeel. It is quite understandable that it is not easy to trust anyone. Infact, hair loss is such a sensitive topic, that we all are very cautious when looking for a treatment. So we suggest that first you understand what hair transplant is:

What is Permanent Hair Transplant and how does it work?

The hair transplant treatment at Richfeel is a surgical procedure in which the doctor extracts hair from the donor area and transplants it on the bald patches on the scalp. Previously, it was a painful procedure and required a lot of aftercare. However, with the Aesthetic Hair Implants or AHI is a revolutionary technique it has become simpler and almost painless. The technology was bought in India by Richfeel in association with Ailesbury Hair Clinic of London which is the world’s leading company that introduced the ‘Aesthetic Hair Implants- AHI’ technique

It is a simple procedure in which doctor extracts tiny punches of 0.5-0.8mm and places them on the bald patches. The doctor can place from 3000-5000 hairs in a single sitting. There are no visible scars and the recovery time is also very less.

These transplanted hairs are not different from normal hair and you will be able to dye or shampoo them. The average growth rate of the hair is a cm per month. The success rate of this procedure is very high.


When you look for a hair treatment option, there are dozens of questions going through your head. Will the treatments work for me? Are they in my budget? Would the results be visible fast enough? One thing that we observed across reviews is that the doctors are very helpful. They do address any queries that pop up your mind. One of our colleagues who himself was facing the issue of dull brittle and lifeless hair. He opted for Richfeel’s Anagrow treatment yielded predominantly positive reviews.

We have done proper research on the other services as well which Richfeel provides and have received mainly positive reviews of Richfeel hair transplant and quite encouraging reviews of Richfeel hair treatment. We also suggest that you should check some more specific reviews yourself as well on various forums.

Let us know the experience you had with Richfeel in the comment below.



5 thoughts on “Richfeel Reviews: Does Richfeel Treatment stop your hair fall quickly?”

  1. From past six months I was suffering from dandruff problem. It was just getting started then I visited at our nearest richfeel centre at delhi. I am really happy after the results which I got after using the products which they have suggested to me. I must say the service provided by them are really superb. Overall It was a nice experience.

  2. Since last 2 years i visited various clinics for my hair thinning problem but i was not getting any proper solution for that. Then i gave richfeel my last try, i was not hoping any instant effect on my hairs. But to be honest i got better treatment here than i have got anywhere in last few years. Thank you Richfeel for understanding my problem in better way than others.

  3. I have wasted a lot of my precious amount of money by having treatment at richfeel. Problem has even more worse than it was before i visited at richfeel. Very bad experience at richfeel. Disappointed

  4. I was suffering from dandruff, I was really frustrated because of that. Then I decided to have a treatment at richfeel. It’s been 6 months since I am having treatment there. There is such a little improvement in my hair condition. If you are ready to pay high amount of money then only you should have a treatment there.

  5. My wife was suffering from hair fall problem so one of her friend suggested to have a treatment at richfeel. But after having treatment at richfeel the condition of her hairs is getting degraded day by day. Because of that she is always frustrated because of hairs. I personally will never recommend anyone to have a treatment at richfeel.

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