SMS Contraceptive: Gurgaon’s Innovative Service For ‘Sensitive’ Emergencies

Of all the times you wanted to have some “private time” with your partner, how many times have you cursed yourself for having forgotten to pick up the essentials from the pharmacist? How many times has your eagerly awaited “romp in the sheets” been untimely stopped because there was no ‘protection’ in the wallet and the shops were closed?

Well, fret no longer people, cause SMS Contraceptive is now here to make your lives easier, minus the judgment, dirty looks, and embarrassment. Launched on 2 September by Sirhaan Seth, a national-level cyclist, SMS Contraceptive aims to ensure that there’s no slip between the cup and the lip.

Before embarking on the venture, Sirhaan had to consider three important questions: “What problem are they solving?” (huge, we think), “What would they enhance?” and “What would they replace?”.

Well, the questions weren’t intended as puns, as SMS Contraceptive will do away with both the awkwardness and the lack of all-night access. They would enhance the simplicity of delivery, while ensuring complete privacy of the purchase. And, last but not the least, they would replace the need for that buddy who’d go to the shop and ask for it on your behalf, along with the embarrassment that accompanies it.

Whether you need condoms, emergency contraceptive pills, instant pregnancy tests, or even lubricants, all you need to do is pick up your phone and mention what you need along with your address over Snapchat, Whatsapp or Text Message, and the guys from SMS Contraceptive will deliver it to you within 30 minutes tops!

With complete discretion guaranteed, and open 24/7, SMS Contraceptive is managed by Sirhaan himself. There is a runner for male customers, and soon, Sirhaan also plans to have a lady runner for their female customers. The venture was launched with no additional support apart from Sirhaan’s own accrued savings, and while the service is only available in Gurgaon at the moment, he also plans to expand to the entire of Delhi NCR, and maybe even the rest of the country in the future!

Phone: +91-8376060577
Facebook: SMS Contraceptive

Instagram: @capinasnap

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