Want to enjoy your hotel stay in Gurgaon? Just follow these simple tips

There is nothing worse than a horrible hotel stay when you are on your vacation and want to spend every minute in peace and tranquillity. Moreover, some people like to stay indoors and soak themselves in the luxuries of the hotel they are staying at rather than heading out and exploring the city in the sun.

Gurgaon is a major city in Delhi NCR and offers you a lot to do if you are an explorer and adventure enthusiast but if you are more interested in staying in your hotel room, there are certain tips to enjoy your hotel stay in Gurgaon. But first of all, make sure that you have booked the right hotel which will adhere to all your needs and has the exceptional services which you might want to enjoy.

Spas and fitness centres

Staying fit is a necessity in today’s world when we are constantly feeding our body with junk food and inhaling polluted air. And if you don’t plan on stepping outside the hotel, then you can always do some crunches at the gym available in every luxury hotel. Of course, there are other types of fitness centres as well. For instance, the Hyatt hotel in Gurgaon has a swimming pool, yoga centre and even Zumba classes. Whether all these facilities are included in your hotel’s charges depends on the hotel and you should always confirm this before booking a room.

Spas and sauna have become an inevitable part of every luxury hotel and you can always request the hotel staff to show where it is and walk you through the various types of aroma and ayurvedic therapies available in the hotel itself.

Gardens and lawns

Top luxury hotels are often the place where people go to unwind and soak in all the elegance and beauty one can imagine and if this is the experience you are looking for then you can always sit back and enjoy a cup of good tea in the lawns of these hotels. Many Gurgaon hotels offer complimentary tea to their privileged customer and if you are one of them, then you should always enjoy this experience. Moreover, if you want to wake up to stunning views from your hotel itself, then book a room or suite with a balcony or private terrace and every morning will feel like paradise.

Dining options

In-house dining options are something that you should never miss out on, especially in a luxury hotel. Top chefs from around the globe make stunning desserts and other savouries which you can relish during your stay. Many top rated hotels have complimentary treats served as well. The menu of the cocktail bar and restaurant is also something that you will be delighted to taste. So, always check for the best in-house cafes, restaurants before booking your hotel rooms.

So, if you have always wanted to unwind and blow off some steam on your vacation without heading out, then ensure that you book a hotel that offers you great experiences in the hotel itself.

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