Lime – 10 Incredible Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Citrus Aurantifolia popularly known as lime is a sour fruit that can be difficult to eat raw. But it is always used in different palatable dishes as well as drinks like lime juice. It can also be used in pickles, jams as well as different snacks and even cooking.

Moreover, it has medicinal properties that can help rejuvenate and keep your immune system and skin in good condition as you age.

Lime has very high concentrations of vitamin C, flavonol glycosides, antioxidants, and kaempferol that help in fighting different kinds of diseases in your body. It is also rich in dietary fiber and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, and potassium.

Since it is mainly nutritious water, it has the least amount of carbohydrates and calories as well as zero level of fat. A glass of it with warm water and honey can turn a lazy morning into an active and energized one.

Besides, the oil extracted from its peels can be used to make beauty soaps, cosmetic products, disinfectants, as well as mouth washes and deodorants. The extracts are also good with aromatherapy.

Lime is essential to your body and you should make it a priority in your diet.

The Health Benefits of Lime to the Body

Lime is a great energizing fruit that can be taken with warm water to ease any stomach discomforts as well as nausea and flu. Moreover, it is one of the best fruits for cleansing the body and improving skin tone.

This fruit has loads of properties that can help your body fight a lot of diseases as you age. Its peels and pulp are also rich in diverse phytochemicals like polyphenols and terpenes that are highly recommended for a healthy long lasting life.

Here are some of the health benefits of lime that would make you want to include it in almost every meal you have. But since it is very acidic, always be careful about the intake level, especially if it is on a daily basis.


1. Lime Helps With Digestion

Lime often helps in digestion due to its acidic nature that helps break down the macro molecules in food. Even its smell triggers saliva floods that aids in digestion.

It also has flavonoids that stimulate the digestive system as well as increase the secretion of bile, acids, and digestive juices. Moreover, the flavonoids also stimulate the muscles whihc helps the food process properly into the intestines. This is known as peristaltic motion.

2. Lime Helps With Constipation

Lime is also a great agent for constipation problem as it clears and washes away all waste that might bring problems to your system.

Besides, the roughages in it also help in easing constipation. You can even mix it with salt for an effective purgative.

You can also mix lime juice with honey for the same effective constipation relief.

3. Lime Helps With Blood Sugar Control

Lime is an excellent fruit for diabetic patients as it helps with the absorption of sugar in the body so as to reduce the occurrence of harmful sugar spikes. This is mainly due to the high levels of soluble fiber found in it.

Besides, it has a low glycemic index which also aids in controlling blood sugar spikes in the human body.

Moreover, the same soluble fiber also helps in lowering blood pressure. This minimizes the risks of contracting heart-related diseases as well as eliminates the presence of bad cholesterol in the body.

You can solely rely on lime and its soluble fibers to reduce the inflammation of the blood vessels in your body, so as to limit the risks of strokes and heart attacks.

4. Lime is Good For Skin Care

Lime as a fruit and juice has some natural oils that are great for skin care. For effective results, you can always consume it orally as lime juice or apply it externally on your skin. Lime juice often helps with skin hydration by keeping it glowing and rejuvenated all the time. This is highly attributed to vitamin C and flavonoids.

As for external use, you can scrub its peels or pulp on your skin so as to remove any dead cells, rashes, bruises, and dandruff.

Moreover, you can also bath with it. Just mix it with your bathing water and you will have a flawless healthy skin tone.  Besides, it reduces body odors due to its antibiotic and disinfectant properties.

5. Lime Helps With Scurvy

Scurvy is a fatal disease that is caused by lack of vitamin C in the body. It can cause repeat infections for people who already have it. Some of its symptoms include cracked lips, lip corner, oral ulcers in the tongue and mouth as well as normal cold symptoms.

It often leads to bleeding and swollen gums. But you can quickly get rid of these symptoms by taking a daily glass of lime juice since it is high in vitamin C.

Moreover, if you happen to work in polluted environments like cement and construction companies, mines, heat and furnace treatment environs as well as paint shops, you should take loads of lime juice so as to limit the chances of getting scurvy.

6. Lime Helps With Weight Loss

Lime is also a great weight reduction fruit. The presence of citric acid always acts as a great fat burner for those who want to lose weight. Two glasses of lime and warm water are enough to start you off in reducing weight.

It is also one of the best fruits for refreshing your body. Besides, it is an antioxidant drink that can work wonders in your body without having to hit the gym.

If you have obesity, you can take a glass of it every morning on an empty stomach so as to limit its increase.

7. Lime Helps With Respiratory Disorders

The kaempferol in lime often makes it ideal for making anti-congestive medicines that can be used to relieve congestion as well as nausea. Some of the medicines that come out of this citrus fruit are vaporizers and inhalers.

You can even take it by yourself by scratching its peels and inhaling it. This will help you get rid of any nauseating feeling as well as stomach and respiratory congestion.

Moreover, the presence of vitamin C also helps reduce fever by naturally lowering your body temperature.

8. Lime Reduces Your Chances of Getting Gout and Arthritis

Gout and arthritis often result from the build-up of uric acid and free radicals. But you can always prevent this from happening by taking lime juice as often as you can.

Lime is an antioxidant and a detoxifier that can purify your body of all free radicals. It can dissolve uric acid so as to increase its level in urine.

Moreover, its anti-inflammatory properties also limit the level of inflammations in your body, thus reducing the chances of developing arthritis and gout.

9. Lime Helps With Piles

Piles are also known as hemorrhoids, a very uncomfortable condition that often affects the anus. Piles often causes bleeding and discomfort during excretion. It can also lead to some forms of cancer.

But you can always use lime to prevent these kinds of excretion problems. Lime can eradicate all the root causes of piles as well as reduce their formation and recurrence.

10. Lime Helps With Eye Care

Lime contains antioxidants like vitamin C that help protect the eye from premature aging as well as macular degeneration.  Moreover, the flavonoids present in it also protect the eye from constant infections.

Caution with Regard to Overconsumption of Lime

No matter how many positive effects Lime has on the body, too much of it can cause some mild problems. For instance, it can increase ulcers in your stomach. This is largely due to the high levels of citric acid that can irritate the stomach lining and stop any form of ulcer in your stomach from healing properly.

Lime can also cause tooth decay, depending on the way you consume it. Too much lime can cause enamel erosion as well as other painful forms of teeth cavity.

It can also cause hemochromatosis, a disorder that limits the body from absorbing iron due to the large presence of vitamin C found in lime. Vitamin C often increases the iron in your body but it also hinders its absorption which can lead to joint pain, fatigue, and heart failure.

Lime is great but its acidic nature can turn it into a volatile fruit for your body. So, take it in moderation, especially if it is on a daily basis.

Basically, lime is an essential citrus fruit that your body can make good use of. It is best if you try to accommodate it in your daily meals.


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