Maxi Vertical Climber Review 2017 | Is It Worth Buying?

Vertical climbers are a great indoor fitness equipment if you are the kind who just can’t spend time on regular fitness equipment like treadmills or spin bikes. Climbers give you a rock climbing experience, targeting major muscle lower, core and upper body muscles. They are great for a complete cardiovascular workout and achieving a lean body. Maxi Climber has dominated the affordable vertical climbers market hands down now.

The equipment comes with some great features like a personal workout timer, non-stick grips, and compact design that makes storage easy. Maxi Climber is a very easy-to-use machine. You simply have to start stepping on the pedal with a straight back and work against your body weight. Push down one foot while you raise another and vice versa motion continuously.

Manufacturer Maxi
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Pros 90% pre-assembled, weighs only 34 lbs, Isometric non-stick grips, full body workout
Cons Resistance is only provided by your body weight, lacks advanced console and tracking features
Final Verdict The Maxi Climber indulges all your major muscle groups, from biceps, triceps to the core, which results in burning a significant amount of calories and consequently lean legs and solid abs. Since the Maxi Climber imitates a rock climbing experience, it helps strength and tones your muscles.

Maxi Climber’s website claims that this equipment burns more calories than treadmills and stationary bikes. Read our complete review to know if this machine lives up to the claims or falls short! Maxi climber

    Product Specifications (extended):

  • Length: 36 inches
  • Width: 10 inches
  • Height: 79 inches
  • Weight: 34 lbs
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 240 lbs

    Why we love the Maxi Climber?

  • Pre-assembled: One of best things about Maxi Climber is that it is pre-assembled and requires no additional parts. The equipment is 90% pre-assembled and you can start using it as soon as it is delivered. It weighs only 34 lbs, making it extremely lightweight, and consequently, easily to move around. Most users take less than 20 minutes to set it up and start their workout. Once you are done with your workout, you can fold the machine and put it away in a closet or a corner.
  • Light-weight and sturdy: Even though the equipment weighs only 34 lbs, it is made of durable cold-rolled steel. This heavyweight steel makes the equipment sturdy and rock solid even if you do rigorous workouts.
  • Adjustability: Maxi Climber is an ergonomically designed equipment that can accommodate users of various body types. The height of the equipment can be adjusted by simply adjusting the handle bars. It is important that you adjust the height correctly before starting your workout to avoid accidents. It has 5 adjustable height settings.
  • Non-stick grips: Maxi Climber has an Isometric non-stick grip for the handles. This makes sure that your hands don’t slip while working out due to sweat. Another added advantage is that the Isometric grip helps lower blood pressure.
  • Foot pedals: Maxi Climber has compact foot pedals that provide good grip to your sole. Make sure you wear appropriate workout shoes or else the pedal will feel hard on your foot.
  • Price: Maxi Climber provides great value for the price it comes at. Most Stairmasters cost more than a thousand dollars. Even though Maxi Climber costs less, it does not compromise on the materials used to build the equipment. The equipment helps in bodyweight training as well as a cardiovascular workout at a price far lesser than what most recurring gym memberships would cost.
  • Noise-less workout: Maxi Climber is a virtually noiseless equipment. So it is a suitable equipment if you have a toddler in the house or have family members who love their sleep uninterrupted. You can also listen to music or watch television while working out.
  • Console features: The machine has a built-in timer that lets you track your active workout time. You can check your step count and calories burned after the workout and accordingly set targets for future sessions.
  • Full body workout: The Maxi Climber gives you a full body workout in a few minutes. It puts no strain on the joints of the lower body as the motion is smooth and the foot support prevents any jolting motion, reducing the impact on the knees and the ankles. The climber is an all-in-one equipment that helps you shed away your body’s excessive fat. It is usually recommended to perform 10-minute sessions at least thrice a week and gradually increase.

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  Why it’s not your best buy?

  • Although you can track the time spent and step count, the Maxi Climber has very basic console features. You cannot measure metrics like elevation, speed, distance, and heart rate. Also, the position of the console needs improvement as your eye line is away from the screen (without backlight).
  • The resistance is only provided by your body weight on the Maxi Climber, so you cannot significantly change the difficulty of your workout. Although, you can increase the difficulty by lengthening your steps.
  • The machine has a maximum user weight capacity of 240lbs and is not suitable for very heavy users.

   Final Verdict:

  • Maxi Climber has gained a lot of popularity amongst users and is one of the best-selling indoor equipment in the market. Maximum users are very happy with the performance, durability, and affordability of this equipment.
  • It is a great indoor workout equipment if you want an intense workout at an affordable price. But if you are into advanced console features, then equipment like Bowflex Tread Climber is a better buy for you.
  • The Maxi Climber indulges all your major muscle groups, from biceps, triceps to the core, which results in burning a significant amount of calories and consequently lean legs and solid abs. Since the Maxi Climber imitates a rock climbing experience it helps strength and tones your muscles.
  • The company claims that you can burn approximately 500 calories in an hour for a full body workout. As a beginner, you can start with simple step ups while advanced users can customize their workout by changing the pace.


  • Make sure you have a good flooring texture or mat on the floor of your workout room, to make sure your equipment is not wobbly during a high-intensity workout.
  • To make sure the equipment is adjusted to your height, face the machine and hold the handle, put your foot on the respective pedals and keep them on the same level. Next, simply adjust the handle to your chin height and lock it into the position by sliding the push pin.

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