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If Los Angeles hasUniversal Studios, Mumbai hasAdlabs Imagica, the international standard theme park, at Khopoli. Part of Adlabs Entertainment (AEL), the themed amusement parkamalgamates Indian uniqueness with global standards to give the Indian audiences a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience.

Imagica opened to the public in April 2013 and was made at a budget of Rs 1,600 crore, making it the most expensive amusement park in India. At thattime, it had 25 rides. In March 2015, an IPO of Rs 350 crore was launched to pay part of the debt of Rs 1,100 crore. However, Imagica together with the water park Aquamagica, with 14 rides, account for a footfall of 2 million, generating a special interest among large groups, school and college picnics and weekend getaways. Situated between Mumbai and Pune, it is ideal for a trip fora day or two.

Family rides

With concept rides named on Indian characters from popular culture and mythology, there are a host of rides for all age-groups, and even for the family to enjoy together. Going ahead, there are plans to add even a snow park to the list. Take our money now, we say!

Mr India

It is an immersive film-viewing experience, that has the animated film of Mr. India play out while you sit in the car-ride and feel every jerk and bump that comes on. Loving films takes a new meaning here.

Image byAaditya Bardhan/CC BY-SA 2.0/Flickr

Mambo Chai Chama – The Crazy Tea Cups

Organise your own family tea party, in the twirling delight that the Mambo Chai

Chama is. It literally means a crazy tea party and is sure to bring smiles on everyone’s face. A family that goes crazy together, stays together.

Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr

This is an interactive game, as you enter the city of Gulabad, armed with your laser guns to take on forty thieves that threaten the treasures of the city. Its all in your hands now. Be alert, they can appear from anywhere.


Fancy a walk of horror? Think you cannot be scared? Head to Salimgarh, the haunted house to test the threshold of fear you can reach. Not for the faint-hearted, we warn you.

Wrath of the Gods

We know what the Titans do when they are angry. Now see what happens when an archaeologist uncovers the ruins of a temple in a live performance filled with multi-media and special effects.

Image byAaditya Bardhan/CC BY-SA 2.0

Thrill rides


132-feet high and 2800-feet long, Nitro is Indias largest roller coaster. Keep your hair tied, and your belongings close. The only thing you want to lose here is your voice as you navigate through the five inversions and loops and pray for dear life! Definitely a crowd-puller, this.

Image byImagica Adlabs/CC BY-SA 3.0

Scream machine

No, its not what you think. Its a rotating pendulum ride that will spin and swing when you least expect it, and leave you hanging mid-air, quite literally. See the world upside down? Hell yes.

Image byImagica Adlabs/CC BY-SA 3.0

Deep space

This is comic-con meets amusement park, as you sit on this roller coaster that will launch you into outer space within seconds. It might not be the Millenium Falcon, but its as close as you get! Launching in 3..2..1..Whoosh!

Image from Pixabay


What was the king of the dinosaurs called? Okay, bad one.But the Rajasaurus is definitely one of the best rides at Adlabs Imagica. A water boat in the land of the dinosaurs, with ambushes and sudden twists. Be sure to make it out alive, and not end up as the T-Rexs lunch.

Image from Pixabay

Kids rides

Little munchkins need not worry. They dont have to face the wrath of defying gravity, or ancient mega creatures, yet. Theres a range of options for children exclusively.

The Magic Carousel, Tubby Takes Off – a breezy merry-go-round, Bump-It Boats are some options for the young guns. There is also a Happy Wheelss – Driving School, because it is never too early to learn the basics, is it? Wagon-O-O-Wheel is a mini-ferris wheel, at just around 10 metres in height. Baby steps, for the little ones.

Image from Pixabay


Whats a world-class amusement park without its own residents? Meet Imagicas very own Tubby -The Flying Elephant, Roberto – The Star Chef and The Lost Astronaut who have their own stories to tell.

The Streets of Imagica are filled with characters of all kinds. Magicians, jugglers, stilt walkers, unicyclists, clowns, balloon men, living statues. Not a step goes where all the fantastic elements from your imagination come alive here. Performances like acrobatic shows, hip-hop dancers, B Boyers and BMX bikers and skaters are also held frequently.

In July 2015, it hosted 500 students from 90 countries as part of the International Physics Olympiad, using the various attractions to teach physics to the students. Brilliant combination, we say.


To have some splashy fun, dont forget to visit Aquamagica. It offers tons of exciting water based rides.

Floatsa:Turn on your snooze mode and just flow along this lazy river.

Loopy Woopy:Plummet through a 39-feet vertical drop into a 360-degree looping slide of speed and exhilaration!

Splash:This is a fun open waterslide with multiple steep bumps and turns.

Wacky waves:Ride in waves of this ultimate artificial wave pool!

Zip Zap Zoom:Challenge your friend and race down these enclosed looping Aqua tubes that serpentine alongside each other. Get ready for some thrill!

Twisty turvy:With hair-raising drops and breathtaking curves, this is one gravity-defying roller coaster.

Image from Pixabay


After a great time, comes the great pangsof hunger.Some of them include:


Experience a breathtaking view under the sky at the deck of this ship-styled restaurant. Enjoy a cup of coffee with some fresh sandwiches and salads on the side.

Red bonnet American diner

Inspired from the 60s American diner, this cool place is complete with vintage cars, dining tables and sitting area. Come here to enjoy some delicious American comfort food like fries, burgers and more.

Robertos food court

The food court offers cuisines ranging from Indian, Mexican, Italian and Pan Asian. There is also a food roller coaster that brings the chefs specials!)

The Imagica capital

Dig into their delicious buffet which includes a variety of Indian cuisines.

Zeze bar and grill

Relish the most delighted peri-peri chicken wings with a glass of beer! Have an exotic experience at this African tribal outpost.

Hotels near Imagica

Novotel Imagica

Imagica offers world-class accommodation and services at their hotel and resort – Novotel Imagica. It has stylish rooms, premium meeting room facilities, all day dining options, a swimming pool, gymnasium, with easy access to both the Parks.

Tariff: Rs 7,498

Other accommodation options around Imagica are:

Piccadle – The Luxury Boutique Resort

Tariff: Rs 5,399

Krushnai Resort

Tariff: Rs 2,666

Hotel the Metropole

Tariff: Rs 2,700

The Dukes Retreat

Tariff: Rs 9,219

Fariyas Resort

Tariff: Rs 10,895

Image byAaditya Bardhan/CC BY-SA 2.0/Flickr

Ticket rates

Imagica’sticket prices are slightly higher, but they arewell worth the money. They offer even travel and stay packages with their Novotel Imagica hotel. Standard ticket prices are as follows.

Adults: Rs 1,600 to Rs 1,900 depending on the day
Children: Rs 1,300 to 1,500
Senior Citizens: Rs 1,000 on all days.

There are special offers for college students.

How to reach

The distance from Mumbai to Imagica is 68 kilometres . A/C bus tickets cost Rs 500.

You can also choose to hire a car for about Rs 3,000.

The Khopoli railway station is 20 minutes away from Imagica.

If you are coming by car from Mumbai, travel towards Navi Mumbai and get onto the Mumbai-Pune Expressway (NH4). Exit the Mumbai-Pune Expressway at the Khalapur Toll Plaza. The Khalapur Toll Naka is on the left. Distance from the start of the Mumbai Pune Expressway, at Kalamboli to Khapoli exit is 33.5 km. Approximately 0.5 km from the Expressway Khopoli Exit, the road splits into two. Take the south road (a sharp right). This is the Khopoli Pali Road. To reach Adlabs Imagica head south for 3.7 km on this road.

Going ahead, there are also plans for Imagica to open in Delhi and Hyderabad. Good news for the Indian entertainment space,we say!

The main image for this article was sourced from Flickr. Image byAaditya Bardhan/CC BY-SA 2.0

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