Why AIESEC Is India’s Best Inter-Cultural Student Organization

Imagine being able to interact with students from all across the world, under one roof and experience their cultures? Understand the different languages, customs, religions, the way people in another corner of the world live their life? Think thats not possible? Think again. We at NearFox are here to tell you about the best inter-cultural student event the country has seen Global Village.

Global Village

In its 66 years of existence, AIESEC has promoted relations between people of different cultures through the medium of sending people overseas for internships and volunteer programs. They have taken that to another level with their event Global Village.

The world will come together at the Global Village, the main event of the Discover Mumbai Weekender which will connect people from different cultures all over the world. The event on 24 July will see 120 interns from various countries including Egypt, China, USA, Bahrain, Poland, France, Switzerland, etc. discover Mumbai and interact with 1200 Mumbaikars like never before at Dublin Square, Phoenix Market City, Kurla from noon to 4pm. Now how’s that for globalization right here in Aamchi Mumbai? AIESEC knows that any inter-cultural event is incomplete without the rich cultures India has to offer. Thats why the event will also see interns from Delhi, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Meerut among others.


The more you hear about AIESEC, the more intrigued you will be about life in AIESEC, so we spoke to a few interns to find out more and here’s what they had to say about the different cultures they have experienced:

Maitri Jain (India)- “The exchange program to Europe gave me an edge over other students. I expanded my network, over the various programs and have made wonderful friends over the globe.”

Marwan (Egypt)- “The religions, languages, cultures in every place I’ve visited are so different. I am looking forward to experiencing many more cultures during the Global Village.”

Grace (England)- “I’ve seen culture and craziness! Everything is the complete opposite to England and what I am used to at home.”

Ayushi (India)- “Travelling isn’t as glamorous as I thought it would be. Tricia and I met through AIESEC and after travelling for over 15 hours, we slept on a stone seat, which for us was the most comfortable bed in the world. Travelling with AIESEC is about getting lost in tiny lanes – only to discover who you are more. It’s the people you meet – who share your perception and force you to grow. Shred your comfort zone into pieces and you will find more of yourself – bit by bit.”

When a group of young guys brings the world together in a fun, unique way, its something definitely worth checking out. And thats what AIESEC is all about.

Live Like A Local

AIESEC offers internship and volunteer programs which provide leadership experience through international internships in major upcoming sectors. The opportunities are all spread over the world and give you an opportunity to explore a different country. The best part about this program is that they allow you to stay with a host family, which lets you live with the locals, eat like them, try out the authentic cuisine, understand and experience a relatively different culture and explore the nooks and corners of the place.

What does AIESEC do?

By the youth and for the youth, AIESEC is a non-profit organisation that impacts thousands of lives every year through student exchange programs across the globe and leadership development programs. Besides helping people develop their leadership skills, it helps promote better cross-cultural interaction. Once you register, you can volunteer or intern globally.

What are you waiting for? If you fall in the age group of 18-28, go register and experience the world!

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