The Bombay Report Spills The Beans On Social’s Roaring Success

In the short span of two years, Social has transformed itself from a chic, if not slightly eccentric, pub from Delhi to a chic, if not slightly eccentric, pub everyone loves so much, we’re willing to overlook the fact that it’s from Delhi. Opening a successful restaurant in Mumbai isn’t easy, much less turning it into a beloved franchise, but somehow Social managed to not just pull through, but also thrive. With outlets all over the city, they seem likely to play a big part in the future of alcoholism. Below are some reasons, that I think, have contributed to Social’s riches to even more riches story.

They’ve Got Style

Say what you want about their hipsteresque interior design (and believe me, I do), but Social’s got its own unique charm. You won’t find a single place with its 1960s swivel chairs, iron plates, tiled and unpainted concrete walls anywhere short of Fallout 4, prison, and of course the other Socials. No other restaurant in existence can use toilet paper for napkins and still seem classy.

Their Events

When it comes to events, Social doesn’t pull any punches, with gigs ranging from EDM concerts to standup comedy, to rap battles, to poetry slams and finally to fake hoodlums unsuccessfully trying to ride skateboards, all of which are absolutely free to watch. Nothing quite makes an experience more fulfilling than a good show mixed with cold beer and great food. Now compare that to other bars whose sole entertainment for the day is watching two drunken guys from Lokhandwala hit each other in the face.

Their Themed Cocktails

Cocktails are great and role playing is fun, so Social had the bright idea of putting them both together; the result is a line of enjoyable, imaginative, seasonal cocktails that you can only find on Social’s special menu. Their themes range from Game of Thrones to cricket, and are good enough to warrant a place on an actual menu but instead they’re condemned to being forgotten for all eternity, or at least until season 7.

Their Burgers

The food at Social is good; it’s more than just good, it’s cheap (even for a place that models its restaurants around a construction site). Of all the food at Social, the one item that truly won me over was their OMG Beef Burger (Rs 450) — it came with not one, but two patties, pork sausage, cajun fries and a knife sticking out of it, a real man’s burger. If beef isn’t your thing you could always try their chicken burger. More like a chicken sandwich if you ask me.

Their Breakfast Menu

Nobody without serious issues would visit a bar at eight in the morning (I do, but that’s not the point), but Social might be on the verge of changing that with their awesome, unconventional breakfast menu. The item that stood out from the pack was the Elvis Presly French Toast (Rs 160) which is like ordinary French toast only immersed in peanut butter, sprinkled with fried banana slices, glazed in honey, coated in toffee and baptised in maple syrup. There’s no telling what it’ll do to your health, but damn, it’s good.
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