Arianna Spa

Arianna spa believes that human touch is a powerful healer. The spa is diligent about its hygiene and maintains complete privacy. They offer a host of services from full massages like the Thai massage and the classical Swedish massage to short treatments like the champi, back soother and also foot and leg massage. Experience complete rejuvenation and calmness at Arianna spa.In todays fast life, we often forget that human touch is a powerful healer and we all need it . Thousands of years many cultures have practiced various massage treatments with aim of easing physical & mental ailments and enlightening spiritual pursuit. Touch therapy reduces body stress, boosts immune system and removes pain .
Arianna has designed all its therapies to affect psychological and physical state of human body. Using specialised Thai make products, our well-trained therapists will take you into the world of relaxation and rejuvination. Our therapists will pamper your five senses in a soothing atmosphere, to release stress and tension

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