Bakers Guild

Besties birthday around the corner and all you have is a few dimes clinking in your pocket? So, you call the nearby baker and order in the same run-of-the-mill black forest or fruit cake. And enjoy another ordinary celebration because, well, the tone has been set. (Besides, the Wake Up Sid idea of a bread-jam cake has been done to death, so its a big no-no if that is your back-up plan). What then, you ask. We say Bakers Guild!

The first bite

Twenty-something management student Aditya Patankar was fond of cakes, but the crazy high prices of anything fancy and exotic was beyond his comprehension. It was coincidental that Aditya had a love for baking too (Which was reinforced by his role model Aishwarya Punekar). So, in hindsight, his home-based baking venture, Bakers Guild had pretty much everything going for it.

Whats on offer

Whether you want a Friends themed cake for the Monica of your group or an Eiffel Tower for your hopelessly romantic beloved, you name it and Aditya will serve it on a platter. Like literally! Have a narcissistic bestie? A photo-cake is the solution and Bakers Guild has it. Oh yes, if your special friend is too Desi, Aditya also offers Guild special mithais and halwas!

The icing on the cake

Aditya is challenging the rules of the game with a pricing thats tough to refuse. Everything they sell is pocket-friendly. For example, you can get a photo-cake or a custom-made fondant cake at a nominal price of Rs 900/kg! Overwhelming, isnt it?

So no more being a vagabond on the streets of Bandra to track down that perfect surprise for your near and dear ones. Simply head to Bakers Guild and unlock the secret to that elusive perfect cake.

For more details, check out Bakers Guild Facebook page.

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