This YouTube Beauty Blogger Will Wow You With Her Amazing Tips, Hacks And Tricks

With more and more people starting their YouTube channels, Instagram blogs and Facebook pages to showcase their skills, it’s becoming increasingly important to know who to follow and who to subscribe to, if you wanna stay updated with the best of the best. One such girl that you need to watch out for is YouTuber Kathleen Dsouza, a 25-year-old lifestyle blogger from Mumbai, whose expertise on beauty and cosmetic products will impress you, and then some.

Check her first video, a trailer to her YouTube channel, which got a whopping 2411 views in no time!

The Take-Off

You’ll be surprised to know that, in the beginning, she was not much into makeup and cosmetics. In fact, when she worked as a cabin attendant for an airline, initially, she had to ask her roommates to do her makeup. However, thanks to four years of flying experience, she gained a lot of knowledge about makeup and beauty hacks, which further made her fascination grow! So, she started researching about it, and watching YouTube videos of beauty gurus like Jaclyn Hill, Manny MUA and Jeffree Star, among others.

Overcoming Obstacles

With inspiration in abundance thanks to stories of these online beauty gurus who encouraged people to be comfortable in their own skin Kathleen was fired up, and she wanted to do something along the same lines. However, the life of a cabin attendant forced her to be away from family, having to take care of her own expenses, which meant she didn’t have the money to buy the required equipment.

The Groundwork

Two more years passed by, but Kathleen wasn’t one to give up. By then, she had started working with a corporate house in Mumbai, saving up for her big plans. A little later, she decided to start her own YouTube channel. Little did she know, however, that there are a lot of things you need to be sure of before you start your own channel, such as: “Who is your target audience?”; “What are the type of videos you plan to publish?”; “What is your plan of action?”; “How often are you going to post?”; and “How to gain subscribers?” etc. Learning all this took her another 4-5 months, adding to her frustration.

The Big Day

Finally, it was on her mother’s birthday that she decided to start her YouTube channel and shoot her first video. She borrowed a camera from a friend, a laptop from another, and every day, after coming back from work at 9, she would be up until 2 am or 3 am, learning how to edit videos. She finally released her first video on her channel, soon after that, and since then, there’s been no stopping her! Not one to let success go to her head, she knew it was her first video and understandably not as great as she would have liked it to be. This motivated her to constantly work harder, and learn more about it. She’s come a long way, and just released her latest video a few days ago, which was a huge hit!

Nowadays, she posts videos once a week, every Saturday, without fail! Some of her best videos are Lets Nacho Kapoor & Sons, Summer Hair Styles, Kim Kardashian Cannes Inspired Makeup, and Easter Look Book.

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