Bombay Drawing Room

Unless you are the handsome and lonely Javier Bardem from Vicky Cristina Barcelona, enjoying art needs company, a certain amount of camaraderie. The MF Husains of the world might wield the brush in solitude, but for lesser mortals like us, there is no substitute to discussing and deliberating your work and your peers. This is where Bombay Drawing Room comes into the picture.

An unassuming start

Snehal Patil, a 28 year old architect and self-taught artist, currently working with a real estate company in Mumbai came up with a social initiative/passion project called Bombay Drawing Room last winter. She wanted to experiment and called her dear friends over for painting, for Snehal realised painting was something almost anybody could do. And boy has she been right! These parties soon became so popular that they could no longer be organised at home.

The take-off

The parties moved out of the house, but the name stuck. In fact, Bombay Drawing Rooms first painting party at The Hive, Bandra was overbooked, much to Snehals surprise! But Snehal kept the first two parties free to ensure nothing came in the way of enthusiasm.
Snehal is a firm believer of the fact that art should not be bound by the chains of technique, but remain open to imagination and creativity. Everyone takes a shot at the same painting in these events though, to ensure that amateurs dont feel left out. You dont need be adept at art to participate all you need is zeal and the limitless canvas of imagination. In just the past six months, Bombay Drawing Room has conducted more than 22 odd events throughout Mumbai.
The healthy dose of fun, frolic and laughter ensures people dont just enjoy the art of painting, but also have a ball of a time.

How you can participate

Tickets for the event are priced between Rs 1000 and Rs 1500, and they provide you with all the supplies, so you dont have to worry about a thing! The best part: You get to carry your painting home, like a boss.
Bombay Drawing Room conducts painting parties at locations that complement their artsy theme such as The Hive, Todi Mill Social, Cafe Zoe, Corniche, Jam Jar Diner and Hoppipola. The response has been overwhelming so far, especially at the Todi Mill Social party. In fact, they even conducted a workshop at Kala Ghoda Festival. They expected 25 people, but such was the enthusiasm that after accommodating 40, the others had to be sent back.

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