Dessert Handles From Mumbai To Indulge You

If you refuse to conform to the ‘appetiser-main-dessert’ routine and love skipping to the desserts, NearFox has you covered. From gooey caramel pancakes for those healthy(yes) breakfasts to dollops of chocolate frosting – we’re featuring everything you need to overload on sugar!

Here’s a sample of some of the sweetest Instagram accounts in Mumbai:

Cupcake Affair’s Chef Simone bakes cupcakes that make you weak in the knees like no man ever can.

Tulips Delifresh features a platter of desserts from flourless chocolate cakes, originally topped donuts and bite-sized tarts.

Everybody knows and loves The Pantry in Kala Ghoda. Get a glimpse of the cafe’s marvelous desserts and bakes through their account before you visit!

Choc O’ Delite features exactly what it says it does: tons of chocolate in cakes, bakes, and jars.

The Foodie Sisters claim to be “united by food”, and feature every dessert porn dream you’ve ever had from Mumbai and Dubai.

Khai Peene Jalsa brings to you “some of the best food, drinks & dining experiences” with brilliant photography that puts the plate in front of you.

If you’re that friend who always Instagrams before eating, you could get featured on Munchy Mumbai’s scrumptious collection.

IDezzerts bakes fun themed cakes and desserts for every occasion! Check them out before you place an order for the next birthday cake.

Mumbai Desserts features amazing desserts in Mumbai that indulge you way more than your parents will.

Know any other lip-smacking dessert handles from Mumbai which’ll have you drooling? Write to us at [email protected]

The main image for this article was taken from Instagram

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