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Every Mumbaikar’s childhood entertainment was defined by Essel World. It was the singular option nearly any kid would suggest when asked where they want to go – the classic amusement park that offers everything imaginable for children and for adults. Everyone loves going here and thats not without reason. If you wanna know more about it then perk up your ears as we tell you about Essel World in Mumbai.

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Ticket prices

The entry fee per person is Rs 850 for adults. Its Rs 500 for children and Rs 350 for senior citizens.

If you plan on becoming a regular visitor, buying an annual passport would save you a lot of money as it costs just Rs 1490!


The best part about living in Mumbai: the sheer number of festivals that happen here. Which is also a great opportunity for Essel World to give its visitors a number of exciting and fun discounts depending on whats trending.

Students also get discounts upon showing valid identity cards.

You also get plenty of mid-week discounts, so that you have something to look forward to even at the beginning of your work week!

You can stay updated on all their seasonal offers over here.

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Essel World is open from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm during the off season, and 10.00 am to 8.00 pm during the peak season.


Yes, this is the list youve been dying to read, right? Theres a multitude of rides to enjoy in Essel World, but weve hand-picked some of their choicest attractions for you:

Shot n Drop: The tallest tower ride in the country is bound to be an experience youll never forget! Youll touch the sky and touch the ground, and be left dizzily ecstatic at the end of it.

Top Spin: Its certainly one of the top attractions in Essel World, and will leave not just your top spinning, but your entire body from head to toe!

Hoola Loop: The most insane roller-coaster you could possibly get on, we highly recommend you train those vocal chords well so that you can scream as loud as possible.

Photo byKartikMistry / CC BY-SA 4.0

Enterprise: Only the courageous would dare venture on to the enterprise: we think even space wouldnt be as exciting as this ride with its crazy shakes and drops!

Sr Dodgem: No list of rides in Essel World would be complete without the mention of their classic dodgem cars ride. There are no rules on this particular road!

The Alibaba Adventure Mirror Maze: This is fun for the entire family: see if you can make your way through this confusing mirror maze. There are guaranteed to be plenty of bumping, tripping and, wrong turns, but also an equal amount of laughter and entertainment.

Other things to do

Dont limit your experience at Essel World to just their rides! Here are some of the other attractions you could enjoy if you pay a little extra money:

Water Kingdom: If youre keen on having an exciting experience with all the elements, Water Kingdom will fulfil all your aquatic desires! Not to mention, if you choose a trip to both on the same day, you get a big discount on tickets!

Restaurants: A thrilling adventure without great food is unacceptable. Within the premises of Essel World, find something delicious to eat at some of our favourite restaurants like Domino’s, Taipan, Kwality Walls, and more.

Bowling Alley:For those who are keen on some skilled sporty entertainment, their well-stocked bowling alley is perfect for adult gatherings.

Ice Skating: Keen on learning how to trip gracefully? In that case, go and visit Essel Worlds ice skating rink, where the more you fall, the more fun you have.

Rock Climbing: Do you consider yourself athletic and agile? If yes, then you need to prove yourself on their rock climbing wall! With settings for beginners and experts, youll certainly find it both challenging and entertaining.

Karaoke: Take your singing skills out of the shower and on to the stage over here. This is perfect light entertainment for parties with friends.

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How to reach

Essel World is located on Global Pagoda Road, Gorai Island, Borivali West. It is possible to get there by car through the Western Express Highway.

You can also opt to take public transport. Catch a train or bus to either Marve-Malad or Gorai-Borivali. Then hop on to a ferry thatll take you to Gorai Island in just a little while!

Contact number

You can contact the Essel World office on +91-22-65280305

We bet you cant wait to have your action-packed adventure at Essel World right now!

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