6 Mumbaikars Tell Us Why Nothing Beats The First Year Of College

Remember walking into college for the first time, looking around nervously but excitedly at the same time, as you saw all those friendly, but unfamiliar faces, looking at you? College life might not exactly be the way Shahrukh and Kajol portray on screen, but it sure is one heck of a fun filled ride! And the best part of college? Why, the first year, of course!

So we at NearFox decided to go about asking six college students of Mumbai to share their best experiences and what made the first year in college the best part of their lives to take all of you on a nostalgia trip!

Melanie Saldanha, Mithibai college

“The first-year of college was all about deciding on the spot who you wanna be friends with, who will top the list of our favourite professors, and the spicy ‘Chindian’ food in the canteen! Some of our professors were so good that no matter how sleepy you were, you’d always wake up for their lecture. My most favourite and memorable experience was when our entire class decided to bunk college on the second day and go to Juhu beach, even though we barely knew each other! Oh wait, now my favourite part for real was getting to meet Bollywood celebs, since everyone comes to Mithibai to promote their movies, and it’s simply crazy!”

Merin Joseph, Sophia College For Women

“In the beginning of first year, one day while coming out from the library, a girl, whom I’d never seen before, asked me, ‘Where’s room number 14?’ I had no clue about the girl or the room, so I’d said that I didn’t know. Suddenly, she asked me, ‘You are Merin, right? I know you. Okay bye.’ Stunned, later in the statistics class, I met her again and started talking to her. Today she’s my best buddy and my partner in crime. From contesting but losing the post for club secretary, to going on to bagging the position of class representative by a mere 3 votes, the first year of my college has helped me to surpass boundaries that I set up for myself, and grow a lot more!”

Gaspar Dsouza, St. Xavier’s College

“Coming from an all-boys school, and joining the arts stream in a batch where the ratio of boys to girls was 1:10, I was the shy, goody-two-shoes kid who didn’t make eye contact and would mumble and stammer. Looking back, however, I realised that it was that year, and the four more that followed, which changed me for the better. I’m more of an extrovert now, and far more comfortable with strangers. Additionally, I’ve met people with whom I can actually relate to as opposed to most of my classmates in school. So take it from me, if your school life was a train wreck, college will definitely be at least a little better.”

Pooja Jain, Sophia College For Women

“You probably don’t hear this a lot, but shockingly, the best part for me were the classes! The lectures were never boring because the teachers are really passionate. Even the college library gives out an amazing vibe and reaches out to you in the most amazing way possible! But the absolute cherry on the top was Kaleidoscope, our annual college fest, which completely blew me away! The exhilarating feeling of doing everything at once with such great enthusiasm and crazy people all around is certainly one that’s gonna stay on in my heart forever!”

Shivani Mathur, Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics

“Having initially gotten admission in Mithibai and then later shifted to NM, I was 7 days late, and thus, by then, people were already sitting in groups and chatting. As excited and petrified I was at the same time, fortunately, my dad’s friend’s daughter was in the same class and so she introduced me to some of her friends. For me, the first year was all about new beginnings, getting a clean slate, having an opportunity to take chances, make mistakes, and have lots of fun. It was all about stepping into adulthood, getting to know new people, new places, as well as the struggles of finding my way in the city and the society.”

Akshita Khilani, NIFT

“Being a small town girl, the first year in a Mumbai college was full of unique experiences for me! From making friends and exploring Mumbai, to the first Mumbai rains, the life in a hostel, and my first college fest, my first year was everything I’d imagined and more. In fact, I’ll even always remember that one tiny juice centre behind my college that served the world’s best cold coffee!”

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